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5 Things to Do Before Jumping to a Bathroom Renovation

5 Things to Do Before Jumping to a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom-renovationAlthough a bathroom renovation can be very creative and interesting task, there are also some not so exciting things to take into account before jumping to starting this project. Renovating a bathroom is something we have to do from time to time, but it can turn to be quite expensive, overwhelming, energy- and time-consuming. To help you with your project, make it run smoothly and within a budget, we’ve asked the contractor offering probably the best tile installation Downriver, Michigan can offer to share some tips with us. So, here are five things you should do before picking a new bathtub and fancy ceramic tiles.

1 – Set a budget. It’s crucial to know how much you want or can afford to spend on your bathroom remodeling project. Once you figure that out, subtract the amount required for labor and you’ll get the idea about how much you will be able to spend on fixtures, tile, cabinets etc.

2 – Time and timing. When doing their first renovation project, people think that if they are about to remodel a tiny bathroom that it cannot take more than just a few days. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The contractor usually goes through all the same steps no matter if they’re changing items in a small or large bathroom. Also, planning doesn’t refer only to defining the duration of the remodeling labor; there are some intermediate things to be done and waited for, such as choosing, ordering and buying vanity, cabinets, fixtures, tiles etc. If it’s an only bathroom in your house, make sure you figured out where you’ll be using the toilet and taking a shower during the renovation project.

3 – Get ready for hidden problems. When a major upgrade to a bathroom is done, some hidden issues might be encountered, such as floor framing structural deficiencies, plumbing that’s improperly vented or old and corroded, tile tub surrounds that aren’t waterproof etc. For this reason, it’s crucial to hire a professional contractor with experience and expertise to be sure your new bathroom will function smoothly and with no flaws.

4 – Functionality and style. When it comes to creating the look of a new bathroom, there are two ways it can be done. You can either start by choosing all the elements you want in your bathroom and combine them together or you can choose one item/feature your bathroom “must have” and work the rest of the design around that. Make sure your bathroom design fits in with rest of your home and don’t overlook the functionality.

5 – Limitations. When renovating a bathroom, measurements and size do matter. You need to take major limitations into consideration: the overall bathroom size, the location of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes and, of course, the standard dimensions of fixtures. So, before heading to the store, make sure you have the correct specifications and measurements in order not to end up with the costly items that don’t fit.

Finally, decide whether you should hire a contractor or opt for a DIY project? For most people, a bathroom renovation doesn’t even seem to be an easy DIY job and they are certainly right. But, if you’re really good with plumbing, tiling and electrical work and operations, you might try to do this project yourself. However, given the complexity and the importance of the bathroom renovation task, for the vast majority of people, hiring a contractor is a way better idea!

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