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Practical Tips for Bathroom Renovation

Practical Tips for Bathroom Renovation

bathroom fitter LondonWhether your home is small or big, your bathroom is its important part and its design, layout and aesthetics have a great effect on the overall feel of your house. If you are looking forward to revamping your bath, you better do a thorough research of the do’s and don’ts, your requirements and important components that can turn your impractical bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing one. Here are some tips.

Think on Your Requirements

Even before you start thinking about colours, designs, showerheads, faucets and tiles, sit down and think on what exactly your requirements are from your bathroom renovation. If you want a relaxing place for you to unwind, a modern bathtub and warm tones might be your prior requirements, while if you are in need of a bathroom for your growing family, ample storage and durable materials should be essential.

Thus, take time to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what features are essential for you. Once this is determined, you can pay attention to finer details.

Design Ideas

You can consider many features while planning the revamp of your bath, such as:


Correct layout is a basic requirement for making your bathroom a practical and comfortable place. Consult an expert bathroom fitter West London like Eagle Refurb about the layout and other factors. You may come across countless floor plan options, although existing plumbing connections will pose limitations. Consider features you want like maximum natural light or a cozy bathtub.


One of the amenities in your bathroom that will come in most use is the shower. There are numerous considerations about shower from choosing a screen for privacy to choosing a showerhead for right water flow. You can choose among fixed or handheld showers, waterfall showers, massage showers, and high- or low-pressure jets. Regarding shower screens, you can choose among frameless, framed and semi-frameless screens or even no screen at all.


In bathtubs again you have countless beautiful options, from freestanding tubs to recessed baths that occupy minimal space. You can also have easy-access tubs for the elderly or disabled family members or full Jacuzzi setups if you are looking for ultimate luxury. This will largely depend on the space available.

Vanity and Basin

Usually a bathroom needs only one basin, but if you and your spouse have to get ready at the same time, you can consider separate basins if your space allows that. If you want a vanity unit, there should be ample space in your bath. You can get a range of options from wall-mounted vanities to cabinets, and you can even go minimal with simple shelves.

Also study options available for tiles, fixtures and lighting while planning your bathroom revamp. With this you can end up in a bathroom you will be proud of.

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