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Tips to Get the Best Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Tips to Get the Best Reclaimed Timber Furniture

reclaimed wood furnitureFurniture made with reclaimed timber has something very appealing, maybe because the rustic feel it offers to any room. To add to it, an old antique piece has power to spruce up and decorate the room. It is beneficial to learn using reclaimed timber furniture because in addition to offering that special touch to your home, it also opens an eco-friendly way to decorate your interior.

Making the Most of Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed furniture is often made with wooden structures ready for demolition, and is long lasting as well as environment-friendly. Many of them may feature an unpolished look which displays the wood’s age. You may think that it is prone to breakage, but it is not so in case of most of them. They are made of wood that has stood the test of time and has undergone contraction and expansion many times. Actually new wood is more susceptible to shrinkage and warping because it is not aged. And of course, reclaimed furniture saves forests by decreasing the demand of new wood.

Types of Reclaimed Wood

While decorating your sitting room with reclaimed timber furniture, choosing between its types is very important. And the type of wood you will choose in turn depends on the style of furniture you want for your room. For example, cherry, oak and poplar are perfect choices for those who want to add a rustic touch to their drawing room, while for a more contemporary look, the choices are maple, beech or walnut wood. While choosing the furniture, you should look keenly in the condition of the wood, particularly if you see chirps and cracks. Several pieces are available with certificate which proves their authenticity and ensures that they contain only reclaimed wood.

Furniture Pieces

You should also choose pieces of furniture you will need for the decoration of your particular rooms. E.g. for your dining room, you will need dining table and chairs, and also sideboards. All pieces are made of various kinds of reclaimed wood, which you can synchronize with your current décor and pieces. While a distressed piece of furniture may add rusticity to your home, a vintage maple piece may add a contemporary look.

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