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DIY Construction Waste Disposal Tips

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in Best-out-of-Waste | Comments Off on DIY Construction Waste Disposal Tips

If you ever had to do any DIY construction in Edgware, then you are probably aware of the amounts of waste you can end up with. Sometimes these can be pretty punishing to your home’s comfort levels and you may need to take care of them as soon as possible after the project is over. Waste disposal is a serious need in such cases, so you will need to address the issue right. But before you begin you will need to be aware what may be recycled and how that is done. Old or excess materials that can be recycled could include: • Masonry used again for construction or crushed to make bases for roads. • Doors, windows and roofing reused for habitation. • Fixtures, appliances and more for refitting in a new location. • Wood and lumber reused...

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Tips to Get the Best Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in Best-out-of-Waste, Design | Comments Off on Tips to Get the Best Reclaimed Timber Furniture

Furniture made with reclaimed timber has something very appealing, maybe because the rustic feel it offers to any room. To add to it, an old antique piece has power to spruce up and decorate the room. It is beneficial to learn using reclaimed timber furniture because in addition to offering that special touch to your home, it also opens an eco-friendly way to decorate your interior. Making the Most of Reclaimed Furniture Reclaimed furniture is often made with wooden structures ready for demolition, and is long lasting as well as environment-friendly. Many of them may feature an unpolished look which displays the wood’s age. You may think that it is prone to breakage, but it is not so in case of most of them. They are made of wood that has stood the test of time and has undergone...

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