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Eco-friendly Construction – The Safest and Best Way to Build Homes

Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Design, Repair & Maintenance | Comments Off on Eco-friendly Construction – The Safest and Best Way to Build Homes

Like all other fields of life, house construction is also adopting new techniques and is improving. One of the latest and the most remarkable improvements in construction industry is eco-friendly construction. This is a way of constructing structures with materials and/or methods that are beneficial or non-harmful to the environment. Also known as green building, this method uses local and renewable materials and efficiently utilizes energy required for the construction. Eco-friendly construction started in response to the fact that buildings have always a negative impact on environment and natural resources, because of transporting materials for thousands of miles and release of dangerous chemicals from poor design and construction. A Range of Options There is a range of options available for those who wish to live in eco-friendly homes. Engineers, architects and builders across the world are adopting construction techniques...

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What NOT to Do While Renovating Your House

Posted by on Feb 19, 2017 in Design, Repair & Maintenance | Comments Off on What NOT to Do While Renovating Your House

It happens from time to time that we become unaware of how helpful we really are in some situations, simply because we care too much. If we want to broach an idea, the best way is to do it in time – and that’s why being organized is of vast importance when renovating a house. Here’s a list of simple reminders what to avoid in order not to get in the way. 1) Avoid Delaying Decisions The best way to make sure that everything will turn out and go as planned is to be completely sure and confident when it comes to all of the decisions you make. If, perchance, you leave something behind in order to discuss it later, bear in mind that it may be too late to do it then. Even the smallest things like paint...

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Important Dos and Don’ts for Tent Growing

Posted by on Jan 7, 2017 in Design | Comments Off on Important Dos and Don’ts for Tent Growing

Grow tents are excellent tools for growing a huge variety of crops, such as hydroponics, while gardening indoors using grow lights. Grow tents are great for anyone to start indoor gardening with a least of construction or without having to do permanent changes in rooms or construction as compared to the traditional grow rooms or closet gardens. Grow tents also prevent entry of bright light into the critical dark periods in the growing area. The reflective surfaces in the grow tents can also improve growth rates and quality of crop, since there is no wastage of light; all the light is reflected to the crop rather than to ceilings or lighting walls far from the plant canopy. Grow tents commonly come with leak-proof flooring, that protects flooring or carpets. To make the most of your grow tents, you should...

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4 Simple Kitchen Re-Decorating Ideas

Posted by on Dec 25, 2016 in Design, Kitchen | Comments Off on 4 Simple Kitchen Re-Decorating Ideas

Kitchen is more than just a space where we eat and cook; it’s the warmest place in our home, where the most of the action happens. Whether you’re entertaining your guests or simply having a breakfast with your beloved ones, the kitchen is the true heart of your house or apartment. Would you like to make it even more welcoming? We have several decorative touches to share with you! For small spaces – You have small space and you need to use it both as a kitchen and a dining room. Opt for a table which can handle dinner parties and everyday meals, as well as prep work. Tuck stools under your multitasking island-table, put sharing dishes with tapas and let your dinner party begin! Fast re-decoration – Do you have a dead space in your kitchen? Consider installing...

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Advantages of Chalk Paint

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Design, Repair & Maintenance | Comments Off on Advantages of Chalk Paint

All products and techniques have their own fans and haters. For some people remodeling and redecorating is better than buying new pieces of furniture; for others it’s just a waste of time and energy. This article, however, is for those who like small or big DIY projects! We’ve asked experts from Shades of Amber about chalk paint and why they think people should consider it for their next redecoration project. Preparation work is minimal. If you’re not a fan of priming and sending, chalk paint might be the right choice for you. However, sometimes the condition of your furniture might require some prep work. For instance, high gloss finish, finish pealing or chipping might be reasons to do some preparation work, just in case. You can choose any style you want. Although people associate chalk paint with shabby chic...

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Top 3 Tips for Placemat Designs

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Design | Comments Off on Top 3 Tips for Placemat Designs

Placemats are not only necessary for keeping your dining table clean, but also for creating the right ambience in the dining room. If your dining room, dining table and placemats are clean and decorative, you, your family members and guests feel happy and satisfied while eating and ultimately you get praises for keeping everything neat. Here are some placemat design ideas and tips to achieve the right effect. Personalize the placemats with your favorite designs and keep them changing. Just like flowers in a vase, placemats are easy to change to offer a new aura to your dining room every day. 1. Make them Distinct Choose a design for the placemats which will make them distinct on the background of your dining table. Placing mats on the table that have the same design as of the table can cause...

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