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Kitchen Lighting – An Important Element in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Kitchen, Lighting | Comments Off on Kitchen Lighting – An Important Element in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

You might not have realized it, but lighting makes a whole lot of difference to our mood, functionality and our efficiency and performance. Imagine how much of a difference lighting can make to your kitchen, the place where we prepare our food. Lighting has so much to do with our kitchens because we should be able to ‘see’ clearly what we are washing, cutting, chopping and cooking, to prevent any impurity from entering the food, to keep every inch spotlessly clean, and also to save ourselves from getting hurt by the cutting tools and heated pots and pans; plus, we should feel pleasant. All these objectives can be achieved by proper lighting and so, it should be on the priority list in a kitchen remodeling project. Layering of Light Do you know that you can create layers of light?...

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Great Tips for Buying a Perfect Oven

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Kitchen | Comments Off on Great Tips for Buying a Perfect Oven

Oven is a great kitchen appliance when it comes to healthy cooking. It prepares baked goodies for you, with no or less fats. Naturally, oven is an essential for a modern kitchen. Whether you are setting your new home or remodeling your existing home, oven should be on your list of priorities. Today you can also buy oven online from anywhere you are, in Malaysia, Spain or Canada. But the big question is, which one to buy when there are so many on the market. Here are some tips. Let’s first categorize ovens based on fuel: Electric Oven: Electric ovens are cheaper than gas ovens. Moreover they are versatile featuring various functions and structures. Normally they include top, bottom, back and grill elements. They also have a fan to facilitate various cooking needs. Gas Ovens: Gas ovens need a...

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Choose the Right Window Treatments For Your Kitchen

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Design, Kitchen | Comments Off on Choose the Right Window Treatments For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is, for some people, the heart and the most important part of a home. Although it should be functional, practical, it is also important to make it pleasant and aesthetically pleasing, especially if you spend hours preparing your delicious meals. Choosing the right window treatment is probably the best way to add softness and embellishment in your cooking environment. We’ve visited Curtain Concepts to get some fresh ideas! Window treatments can be highly decorative. For breakfast nooks and similar spaces outside the work core, floor-length fabric panels are an ideal choice, because they come in various colors, patterns and style. Roller and Roman shades, when lowered, reveal pattern and texture, while a valance and a cornice can make a bold statement. If your neighbors see you while having your breakfast in your pajamas, you might not feel comfortable....

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