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3 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Chain Link Fencing Look Outstanding

3 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Chain Link Fencing Look Outstanding

beautifying chain link fencingChain link fences offer numerous benefits. They are efficient and durable. However, they are not an ideally aesthetically pleasing option. If you want a chain link fence but are concerned about getting a feeling of living in a prison, stop worrying! There are ways you can beautify your chain link fence.

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Once you get your chain link fencing from a professional contractor like them, you can beautify them in several ways. Here are a few.

1. Add Privacy Slats

Privacy slats for chain link fences are a simple solution and they can even be temporary, which means you can easily remove them whenever you want. Thus you can weave them in till you work towards a more permanent solution. Or you can get durable slats and keep them as long as you wish. They are also available in a wide variety. There are various colors as well as materials like plastic, aluminum, vinyl and even wood.

You can also use a variation like wider boards to cover the fence. A popular solution is using the wood from pallets for covering the fence. The fence will support the pallets’ wood, provide durability and ensure any openings are too tight to allow even small animals to burrow through. The wood of the pallet can even be varnished or painted.

2. Make Use of Greenery

You can make your fence naturally beautiful. Plant high-foliage bushes densely together to hide the fence. You can also just hang flower baskets along the fencing. This will offer a great charm without a lot of digging, planting and weeding work. Only make sure you water the baskets and repot them every now and then.

For hiding the fence completely and at the same time make it stunning to look at, you can plant easily growing flowering vines, like confederate jasmine or clematis. However, this will take a little time since the vines should grow sufficiently big to cover the fence, but you’ll get awesome results in the long run.

3. Add Art

You can even use a totally out of the box solution by adding art to your fencing. Consider adding a colorful design with yarn to your fence. When the yarn becomes old, swap it out with a new installation of art. You can even ‘embroider’ the fence with metal wires to create interesting designs.

If you apply a little creativity, you can get many such ideas to make your chain link fencing look outstanding and something you should be proud of.

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