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Advantages of Chalk Paint

Advantages of Chalk Paint

rustic-chalk-paintAll products and techniques have their own fans and haters. For some people remodeling and redecorating is better than buying new pieces of furniture; for others it’s just a waste of time and energy. This article, however, is for those who like small or big DIY projects! We’ve asked experts from Shades of Amber about chalk paint and why they think people should consider it for their next redecoration project.

Preparation work is minimal. If you’re not a fan of priming and sending, chalk paint might be the right choice for you. However, sometimes the condition of your furniture might require some prep work. For instance, high gloss finish, finish pealing or chipping might be reasons to do some preparation work, just in case.

You can choose any style you want. Although people associate chalk paint with shabby chic look, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Even if you want modern look with solid and smooth colors, chalk paint can be your option. In fact, it’s easier to achieve modern, clean look than to distress it with chalk paint. Other styles you can get out of chalk paint are rustic, antique, artistic, farmhouse, crackled, whimsical, clean, crisp and more.

It dries fast. With chalk paint, it’s possible to do two coats in an hour, including painting 2 coats and waiting for them to dry. However, it’s highly recommended to follow the instruction on the product.

It requires fewer coats. Even though different brands call for different number of coats, a high quality chalk paint requires only 2-3 coats if you want to go from extreme dark to light or vice versa. Before buying the product, check its sq. ft. coverage, just to be sure you’ll get a real time and money saver.

You can use it for almost any surface. Yes, chalk paint is universal, because you can use it, for instance, for outdoor furniture, unfinished wood, tile, ceramic, walls, linoleum, laminate, steel, plastic, glass, fabric, walls, dishes etc. Nevertheless, before using it, check with the product/brand you’ve chosen to make sure it will stick to your project surface.

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