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Choosing a Ceiling Fan Design – The Rustic Look

Choosing a Ceiling Fan Design – The Rustic Look

rustic venetian ceiling fanAlthough much overlooked because of the dominance of modern HVAC solutions, the ceiling fan adds an aesthetic element to any room. One can say it adds character, the smooth blades representing several design schools, inspired by architecture, geography, colours and more. For large rooms, a ceiling fan acts as a pivot for the interior design, ideally placed in the centre of the ceiling.

Energy Saving Potential

Aside from adding to the interiors you dream of, a classy ceiling fan has other cost-saving advantages. Modern air-conditioning and heating can really rack up some very high bills, and a lot of the comfort you get can be replaced with a cheaper option. More and more informed households are saving a lot of money on power every year, just by adding a ceiling fan as an HVAC option. Ceiling fans are known to reduce a chunk of the bills, especially during the summer. In the winter too, many fans with the reverse function are used for spreading warm air across the room, allowing house owners to lower the thermostat temperature and reduce the heating costs. All you need to do is change the rotation to clockwise around the fall season when the air is starting to get crispy cool.

Rustic and Farmhouse Style Fans

Rustic, farmhouse style ceiling fans not only keep you cool but also showcase an eclectic sense of style. Modern ceiling fans combine ageless classic designs with high-tech controls. If you have a getaway in the woods or the mountains, choose the interiors that speak the freedom and language of the wilderness.

There are quite a few attractive choices for those who opt for a rustic ceiling fan. Darker finishes define this range and some of the options include aged metal tones like wrought iron. The ceiling fans are inspired by the frontier, all-American designs that will compliment a lodge or villa away from the urban landscapes. These styles of fans combine very well with the interiors of a log home or a mountain cabin, blending with natural lights. You can also choose rustic fans that come fitted with lights, without compromising on the original style.

Gulf Coast’s Trinidad model is a unique tropical-themed design, the leaf-shaped blades covering a 52-inch diameter. Other popular brands include Raindance, Sprite, Minka Aire and more.

How to Buy Rustic Ceiling Fans

Rather than spend extra on physical retailers with limited choices, you can browse a comprehensive list of options online and get great rates. Some of the things you need to determine from your end are the size of the room where you plan to install the fan and whether it is an indoor or outdoor place. Match the ceiling fans with your furniture; you can opt for minimalist designs or more classical ideas, depending on the layout of your room.

Many customers have bought their rustic ceiling fans from Modern Fan Outlet, which boasts a very large inventory and is known for its prompt customer service and its very fast shipping. With its visual and economic benefits, the ceiling fan is an essential in many homes and the range of specifications and designs cater to every need.

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