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Easy Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom

Easy Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom

Most people spend so much time in their bedrooms and yet, when it comes to decor and design, they give those rooms not too much consideration. Generally, in our bedrooms there are a few furniture pieces and clean linens. Is there a way to give your bedroom fresh look on budget? The answer is positive and right now I’ll give you several simple, yet effective tips on giving your bedroom a beautiful refresh!

Put flowers in a vase. Yes, if you don’t have plants in your bedroom because they wouldn’t get enough light, adding some flowers will give you oxygen, color, greenery and scent. It doesn’t have to be too expensive; even those basic bouquets from grocery stores would do the trick!

Update the dresser. If you don’t want to buy new furniture pieces, you could consider updating old ones, couldn’t you? If painting or stripping aren’t your cup of tea, there’s even easier way to refresh your old dressers and drawers: install new knobs and drawer pulls! Here, I suggest going bold and wild to make a statement with effective details.

New linens and/or duvet. Making your bed is the quickest way to “refresh” your bedroom, since a bed tends to be the largest item there. But, buying new or re-decorating old linens and duvets will update the look of your bedroom in no time. Consider printing some graphic art with some of the best heat press machines or adding patterns or colors for an absolutely fabulous bedroom make-over!

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. Although you can alter the mood of a bedroom with colors, patterns and art, but only if your lighting is appropriate. To create different atmospheres and moods, lighting should come from more sources. So, central fixture isn’t enough to make the most of your bedroom. Add table lamp, floor lamp or a sconce and play with lights. There are so many options and you won’t have troubles finding the one that works for you. Just try to think about the kinds of lighting that usually make you happy and calm and change the lighting in your bedroom accordingly.

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