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Eco-friendly Construction – The Safest and Best Way to Build Homes

Eco-friendly Construction – The Safest and Best Way to Build Homes

Agrippa Builders beverly hills renovations homesLike all other fields of life, house construction is also adopting new techniques and is improving. One of the latest and the most remarkable improvements in construction industry is eco-friendly construction. This is a way of constructing structures with materials and/or methods that are beneficial or non-harmful to the environment. Also known as green building, this method uses local and renewable materials and efficiently utilizes energy required for the construction.

Eco-friendly construction started in response to the fact that buildings have always a negative impact on environment and natural resources, because of transporting materials for thousands of miles and release of dangerous chemicals from poor design and construction.

A Range of Options

There is a range of options available for those who wish to live in eco-friendly homes. Engineers, architects and builders across the world are adopting construction techniques used all through the human history, responding to local environmental issues and physical resources available, paired with 21st century technological advancements.

These options range from rammed earth construction, that involves usage of clay-based material combined with water, later rammed in the form of bricks or solid walls, compliant to hot and dry climate, to straw bale homes that literally use straw bales as the core of the structure. Straw has been proven as a great breathable material, insulator and even fire-resistant when compressed. Moreover it’s low-cost.

Features and Benefits

In ecological construction, the key is to merge technology and building materials, creating ecological resources to achieve green success, using readily available, simple materials. For example, using recycled pulped paper for roof insulation is an easy, yet highly effective eco-friendly resource. It’s well-known how asbestos insulation has damaged human health. Asbestos is also difficult to decompose in landfills and takes hundreds of years for that.

Other features of eco-friendly construction are:

  • Solar panels for domestic water heating
  • Water conservation with collection and reusing rainwater for garden and biological treatment of waste water for its reuse
  • Low energy light bulbs that can last as much as 100 times longer than standard bulbs
  • Cellulose insulation (like paper as mentioned above)
  • Lead-free, non-toxic wood preservatives and paints
  • Locally produced and harvested timber from sustainably grown forests

Eco-friendly construction is not only helpful for creating a healthy outdoor environment but also for a better indoor environment. Traditional construction materials and techniques have been proven to cause health hazards. Paints, plastics, solvents and composite timbers release chemical pollutants as well as biological pollutants like moulds and dust mites, and cause disorders like asthma, eczema, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and palpitation. Eco-friendly construction eliminates these problems with breathable walls, good ventilation and use of non-toxic natural materials.

Agrippa Builders general contractor is a leading construction company that builds luxury homes in Beverly Hills, California. Their main features are expertise in new home building and renovations, using eco-friendly constructions and sustainable solutions, and building code compliance.

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