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Important Dos and Don’ts for Tent Growing

Important Dos and Don’ts for Tent Growing

grow tent with observation windowGrow tents are excellent tools for growing a huge variety of crops, such as hydroponics, while gardening indoors using grow lights. Grow tents are great for anyone to start indoor gardening with a least of construction or without having to do permanent changes in rooms or construction as compared to the traditional grow rooms or closet gardens. Grow tents also prevent entry of bright light into the critical dark periods in the growing area.

The reflective surfaces in the grow tents can also improve growth rates and quality of crop, since there is no wastage of light; all the light is reflected to the crop rather than to ceilings or lighting walls far from the plant canopy. Grow tents commonly come with leak-proof flooring, that protects flooring or carpets.

To make the most of your grow tents, you should follow some dos and don’ts. Here are some.

Dos for Tent Growing

  • Ensure that you have sufficient cooling power from your air conditioner or vent fans. In a grow room, you can get off exhaust fan with only passive intake; but, with a grow tent, heating up can take place quickly; therefore having an active air intake fan is advisable.
  • Give a careful consideration to making the best use of the floor area and internal volume for crop as against equipment. For example, if you place a pedestal fan on the flooring, you lose space for crop; so try mounting the fan from ceiling using boards.
  • Another recommendation for grow tents is air-cooled lighting fixtures. They not only make optimal growing temperatures easier, but also provide an added factor of safety, protecting heated lamps from touch surfaces in case of an accident because they are covered with a strong lens.
  • If your fans have a thermostat, moisture can build up quickly if fans shut off in the dark period. In such a case, a dehumidifier is recommendable for the dark period as it avoids humidity problems and produce healthier crops.

Don’ts for Tent Growing

  • Avoid overloading your support structure. Go through the user’s manual for checking how much weight can be supported by the tent frame and from where to hang it. Air cooled reflectors and carbon filters can become heavy weight.
  • If you haven’t installed a high temperature shut down relay and your AC or cooling fan fails, your grow tent can be overheated up to the point of loss of crop. So, install it; it is not very expensive.
  • Don’t have the regular gas fired CO2 generators straight inside the tent. Consider lung room, if you are not using water cooled models and are seriously considering expansion. You can even just use CO2 pads for smaller tasks or bottled CO2 tanks as well as regulators for larger ones.

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