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Top 3 Tips for Placemat Designs

Top 3 Tips for Placemat Designs

HotPrintUSAPlacemats are not only necessary for keeping your dining table clean, but also for creating the right ambience in the dining room. If your dining room, dining table and placemats are clean and decorative, you, your family members and guests feel happy and satisfied while eating and ultimately you get praises for keeping everything neat. Here are some placemat design ideas and tips to achieve the right effect. Personalize the placemats with your favorite designs and keep them changing. Just like flowers in a vase, placemats are easy to change to offer a new aura to your dining room every day.

1. Make them Distinct

Choose a design for the placemats which will make them distinct on the background of your dining table. Placing mats on the table that have the same design as of the table can cause a real mess as they can be pulled by mistake causing pans kept on them to fall down, break and/or spill. Therefore if your dining table is of a plain design, choose a floral, fruity or similar design for the mats so that they can be easily seen. And if the tabletop itself has a floral or similar design, choose mats that are plain or have a border and a central design etc.

2. Design Tips

If you want a design on your mats, what should you choose? Well, that depends on your personal preference; but the most important is that the diners should feel pleasant while their plates are placed on the mats. You can take care while choosing colors too, as dull colors will create a dull atmosphere, while too bright colors can dazzle people. Avoid fluorescent colors for the same reason. Also avoid fancy designs like crisscrossing lines, concentric circles etc that can easily confuse (and even daze) people and has a risk to create a mess.

3. Keep them Clean

Choose a material which you can wash easily. Cleanliness is important as to keep your family happy and healthy. The mats should not carry stains or stink. So, you will have to choose a high quality printing company so that the design won’t fade with every wash. is a highly reputable company providing all types of printed products. They have an extensive range of printing options and designs; plus they also offer custom printing. Visit their site to know more and watch this video to know about their products, discount offers etc.

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