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Various Styles of Roofs – Which One will You Choose?

Various Styles of Roofs – Which One will You Choose?

roof shapesRoof is that part of our house which is not always in front of us when we are at home and so, we don’t think that it can also be made beautiful with creativity. However, the fact is that builders and architects have used a lot of creative freedom to find out a great array of roof designs. With a roofing repair Dearborn Michigan contractor, you can find about these different styles of roofs. Here are some roof shapes, styles and designs you may want to consider during a home renovation.


The most basic type of roof that we used to draw in our pictures during our school days is gabled roofs. They have two slanting sides that are joined together on the top at a ridge, forming end walls with a triangular extension, known as a gable. The pitch or slant of the gables varies, a discrepancy that most builders try to avoid. For snowy regions, it’s recommended to use at least 40 degree angle or 10/12 pitch.

Types of Gabled Roofs

There are again various types in gabled roofs:

Side Gable: A side gable is a standard pitched roof having two equal panels pitched at an angle meeting at a ridge in the middle on the top of the building. An open gable roof is where the triangle part is left open while a boxed gable roof is the one where it is enclosed.

Crossed Gable: In this, two gable roof sections are joined together at a right angle. This is perfect for homes with separate wings. It’s also best for different areas of home such as dormers, porch and garage. This type is seen often in Tudor or Cape Cod style houses.

Front Gable: This is placed at the entrance of the house and is usually seen in colonial style houses.

Dutch Gable Roof: This is a combination of gable and hip roof. More space and aesthetic appeal is created by placing a gable roof over a hip roof.

 gabled roof

Hip Roof

A hip roof has all four sides sloping. All these sides are of equal length and form a ridge by coming together at the top. Hip roofs offer higher stability than gable roofs. All four sides sloping inward make these roofs more durable and sturdier.

Hip roofs are best for snowy and windy areas because snow easily slides off from all four sides. For strong storms or high winds, an 18.5 to 26.5 degree angle (a pitch of 4/12-6/12) is advisable.

Types of Hip Roofs

Again there are types in hip roofs:

Simple Hip: This is the most basic type of hip roof. On two sides it has a polygon while on other two sides it has a triangle. A simple ridge is formed when the sides come together at the top.

Cross Hipped: This is just like a cross gable roof. Separate hip roofs can be used on homes having various wings. The line where two roofs come together is known as a valley. This can let water pool, so, proper waterproofing should be done.

Half-hipped: This is a standard hip roof of which two sides are shortened to form eaves.

A roofing repair Dearborn Michigan contractor can suggest you which of these types can be best for your home.

Oak Park Il Smith House hip roof

Mansard Roof

This is also called a French roof and is a four-sided roof having a double slope on either side that come together to create a low-pitched roof. The sides may either be curved or flat, based on the style. The lower slope is much steeper than the upper one. Mansard roofs can create a great extra living space. This extra space can be used as living quarters or full attic.

Mansard Roof

Gambrel Roof

This is also called barn roof and resembles mansard a lot in a sense that it has two different slopes. It differs from mansard in that it has only two sides, while mansard has four. Just like mansard, its lower side is very steep, almost vertical, while upper slope is much lower. Gambrel roofs are not only found on barns, log cabins and farmhouses, but also on Georgian style and Dutch colonial homes.

109 Elm Street Northampton MA gambrel roof

Plus there are flat roofs, skillion roofs, jerkinhead roofs, butterfly roofs, bonnet roofs and many other styles. Choose one of these and make your home look so unique that you will feel proud of it.

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