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3 Important Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Siding for Your Home

3 Important Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Siding for Your Home

siding companies CTYou’re looking for the best siding for your home that should protect it from wind, rain, snow and other weather elements. An appropriately installed siding over a strong wall can protect the interior of a home from the outside cold and will keep heat in, whereas in warmer climates it will do just the opposite. Not only a good siding protects a home, but it also beautifies it. As the siding occupies the major part of the surface area outside a home, attractive siding is essential for any home to add to its value. So, how to get just the right siding?

1. Study Your Options

One of the expert siding companies CT can tell you what options you can get in sidings. Here are a few.

Vinyl Siding

Low cost and minimal maintenance make vinyl perhaps the most popular siding material. It needs no painting. It even won’t twist or warp. It’s also resistant to water and insects. However, it has a few downsides. It can crack, burn, rattle and melt. Some vinyl products may resemble wood from a distance, but not so when close. Therefore before you decide to have vinyl, think upon your style preference or whether the overall architecture in your area makes the added cost and realism of fiber cement, plastic or even real wood a better choice.

vinyl siding

Plastic Siding

These shakes and shingles can look like cedar, even from close. Plastic just like vinyl needs minimal maintenance. However, it’s much thicker than vinyl and can be 2-3 times costlier.

Wood Siding

While wood clapboard and shingles provide traditional appeal, they are quite pricey. Wood clapboard is less pricey than shingles but costs more than fiber cement or vinyl. Wood is impact-proof, but can twist, warp or burn. It’s also prone to insects, woodpeckers and rot. It can be left natural or finished and is available factory-primed or both primed as well as painted. If it’s stained or painted, it will need regular refinishing.

Alternative Siding

This class of sidings contains siding products produced from composites like fiber cement, a combination of sand, cement and cellulose, which resembles real wood. It is resistant to insect and fire. However, it can undergo water damage. It is factory-primed but can also be ordered pre-painted for a higher price. Although color choices are limited, factory coats tend to last much longer. But whether pre-painted or factory-primed, fiber cement should be periodically refinished, although less frequently than wood.

perfect siding

2. Features You Should Consider

To enhance the looks and durability of your siding, your siding companies CT can offer you various features. Here are a few.

Super-long Panels

Some vinyl sidings are available in 16-foot or longer lengths to decrease the number of seams on long, undamaged walls.

Double-hem Nailing Area

The vinyl siding with a double-layer mounting hem is the best because the hem provides better resistance to high winds and resistance than a single-layer hem.

tl home improve

Foam Backing

Foam backing not only makes vinyl siding more rigid but also it adds insulation.


When it comes to fiber cement, you should consider whether the additional color choice and cost savings of painting yourself prevail over the longer life of a factory finish.

3. Right Installation

It’s recommended to hire a professional to install your siding. If the previous siding is flat and sound enough, new siding can be installed over it. However, if the older one has rotted wood it should be replaced and the wall behind it should be checked if it’s damaged, something on which you can save significant amount of money in structural repairs in the future.

After the old siding is removed, add a moisture barrier underneath the new siding and install flashing around windows and doors. The installer should center the fasteners in the slots and leave a dime-thick gap between the fastener heads and panel for expansion and contraction.

Hopefully this information will help you choose the right siding for your home which will protect it and beautify it as well.

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