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3 Tips for Having a Dream Swimming Pool

3 Tips for Having a Dream Swimming Pool

Cincinnati pool builderHaving a swimming pool in your home is a great feature. There is something very luxurious and peace-giving about a swimming pool provided it’s designed thoughtfully. A clumsily designed pool is neither easily manageable nor makes any value addition to a home. Here are a few design tips with which you can have a spectacular pool.

1. Your View


First off, think on your view about the pool. How do you want to use it? Do you want it basically as a family recreation? Or do you want to use it for swimming exercise? Or you want to relax in the evening by the poolside? Do you want it as an active play area or a large lounging patio? How much sun exposure and shade do you want? Do you want to include features like ramps?

Also think on what shape of pool you want, such as angular, rectilinear, free form or curvilinear.

The view of the pool from the exterior as well as interior is also important. The pool should look as a natural extension of your home and not like an unsightly addition.

Figuring out how you want to use your pool will help you end up in just a cozy and pleasant pool. Once you decide this, you can approach an expert pool designer and builder like Paradise, a Cincinnati pool builder to get the pool just as you want.


2. Think of the Future


Once you decide for what you want to use the pool, go a little further to think on what you would like to add to it in the future. Even if you don’t want to add them at present, you can keep a room for them so that when you will add them, you don’t have to disturb the pool’s design.

You may think on water features, spas and garden structures. Or you may want to leave a space for tanning deck, play area or even outdoor kitchen. Also you can add special landscape features, garden and fencing in the future.

You can also consider incorporating a heat source like a patio flame, firepit, heater or fireplace. Other additions you can think for the future are trellises, pergolas and cabanas.

There are countless features you can add to your pool that will make it more and more beautiful and relaxing. Thinking about them all well ahead of time is a good idea.


3. Laws and Rules


While you may want to add as many attractive features to your pool, it’s also important to check what is allowed by law. Refer to your local codes, setbacks and bylaws. You will also have to consider if your home is near any sensitive natural area.

Consider all these things while planning for a pool and it will be of great use for having a swimming pool of your dreams.

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