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5 Incredible Benefits of Installing a Solar System on Your Roof

5 Incredible Benefits of Installing a Solar System on Your Roof

solar panelsEveryone knows by now that installing solar panels on the home’s roof is beneficial in giving energy produced at the home, thus reducing the cost of energy. But are there any other benefits of solar panels? Yes, there are! Here are some.

1. Great Safety for Environment


Since the sun is a sustainable source of energy, using sunlight to produce energy is very safe for our environment as we are not destroying any natural resource. Also, it doesn’t cause any pollution and so, doesn’t harm the environment.


2. Saves Money


Of course, your energy bill is eliminated because you can use the energy produced at home. This saves a lot of money for you. The cost of installing solar panels has come down dramatically and it’s a one-time installation and you will keep getting energy without spending anything again.


3. Earns Money


Solar panels will not only save your money but can also earn money for you. Firstly, you will get 30% of the total system cost back from installation and equipment as a federal income tax credit while filing your taxes. Thus if your solar system costs you $25,000, you will save $7,500 on it.

Plus you will get the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and state and local discounts, whereby total costs can be cut to half. The SRECs are produced all through the year and utility company can buy them from you which is a handsome return on your initial investment. Recently in Nevada, for example, the senate and state assembly passed a bill signed into law by Brian Sandoval, the Governor, according to which citizens having solar panels installed on their rooftops can sell the additional energy produced in their home to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission at a retail rate. So, you too can earn a nice income like the Nevada solar energy producers.


4. Starts Saving Right Away


Average yearly energy expenditure per individual is around $3,000, including residential and transportation energy. Solar panels can lessen or eliminate this expenditure right after you install them. They also bring about long-term savings since basically, it’s free to capture the sun’s power.


5. Increases the Value of Your Home


Solar system remarkably increases your home’s resale value because most home buyers know what a home with a solar system means particularly because the panels are already installed and they don’t have to make any investment. Research says that there is a rise in the resale value of homes by $5,911 per installed kilowatt. Thus, if you set up a 3.1-kilowatt system, the resale value of your home will increase by almost $18,000.

And there are so many other benefits including an extension of the life of your roof because of protection from elements and increased energy efficiency of your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, get the solar system and enjoy power and money!

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