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5 Practical Tips for Investing in a Solar Energy System for Your Home

5 Practical Tips for Investing in a Solar Energy System for Your Home

solar energy systemBuying a solar energy system for your home is extremely exciting. But don’t forget to think practically and focus on key factors of your purchase since it’s a major investment and you will be living with it for long. Here are some tips on what to check while buying a solar energy system.

1. Check Your Roof

Even before you start finding a solar system installer, you should first check if your roof will be suitable to the system. If it is covered in shade for most of the time all through the year, it may not be favorable enough to the costs of the panels.

If you are living in your apartment on a rental basis or in a multi-unit building, you need not give up the idea of a solar system altogether as you have the option of shared or community solar.

Consider also the future of your yard. Although now your roof is sunlit, you might forget that you have planted a series of leafy oaks which may create problem of shade within a few years. So, prepare for pruning the foliage to keep the solar panels clear.

2. Get Recommendations

Recommendations from those who are close to you are always better while making a big investment like a solar energy system. Their experiences are actual and practical, and can warn you of potential problems well in advance.

3. Check Manufacturer’s Warranty

Remember to check what warranty the manufacturer is offering. A reputable solar energy system manufacturer may offer a substantial period of warranty, minimum 20 years. It’s also essential to check the track record of the manufacturer as they should be operating for that long.

4. Panel Types

The two technologies that are predominant nowadays are photovoltaic which uses groups of cells to convert sunlight into electricity and thermal which uses sunlight to heat air or water for inside use. Consult an engineer regarding which of the types will be the most suitable to you.

5. Panel Installation

Doubtlessly a trustworthy installer is essential for anything you install in your home. But solar has a combination of logistics of a revamp project and the risk of electrical work. References and credentials are particularly important. Especially, seek accreditation from the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). Also as this is a significant expense, don’t hesitate to invite different quotes before you sign a contract. In this regard, take help of Powur, that can help you get quotes from the best solar providers and promote solar energy services to homeowners in more than 22 states.

Follow these tips and you will be a proud owner of a system that will save thousands on your energy bills.

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