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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A New Roof

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A New Roof

perfect roofing solutionsGetting a new roof for your home is a huge investment. After all, it has to last many years while being in top condition through all those years. To ensure that you only invest in a good roofing solution, we have come up with five things you must keep in mind when looking to purchase a new roof.

1. Inspect And Confirm Replacement

The first thing you need to do is to inspect the roof and actually determine whether it needs a replacement. Sometimes, you might only need to get the repairs done to get the roof back to its normal condition. As such, it is recommended that you hire a roof inspector to check out the roof thoroughly. They can give you a detailed report as to what repairs need to be done or whether it is time to replace the entire roof itself.

2. Roof Material

Once it has been determined that the roof needs to be replaced, you next need to consider what type of material the roof needs to be. You can try and use a new material for the roof as this can dramatically alter how your home looks. The most common material used in roofing is asphalt shingles. And if you have been using them on the roof, then you can consider installing materials like wooden or slate shingles. You can also choose to go for metal roofing. But whichever material you choose, remember to ensure that it is ideal for your home and that the structure beneath the roof can support the new material.

3. Warranty

Before you take off the roof completely, you need to look into whether the existing roof is covered by any sort of warranty. If the warranty is currently in effect, then you can obviously benefit from it and can have the roof replaced without spending a dime. So, open up the stash of bills and find the warranty card.

4. Contractor

You also need to find a good contractor to do the roofing. Make sure that you check their experience so that you only hire the service which has installed roofs for many clients. If you hire inexperienced contractors, they might end up messing up the installation, and you may have to pay for the damages resulting thereof. You should also check to see if they have any certifications or not.

5. Financing

When buying a new roof, financing must also be considered. Do a cost analysis to see if the investment you make now adds good value to the property. If it does not, and the property’s saleable value only increases slightly, then you may have to rethink about investing in a new roof. But if the numbers come out positive, go ahead and give your home a brand new roof. Plus, be sure to check out the various incentive programs offered by the states for energy efficient roofs.

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