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Your House and Commercial Building Need Grooming from Exteriors As Well!

Your House and Commercial Building Need Grooming from Exteriors As Well!

external maintenance of homeWe always keep our inside of the house clean by doing all vacuum cleaning every day, however, while cleaning up our houses daily, what we forget is that buildings need external maintenance too. Here are a couple of reasons why externally you need to take care of your building; whether private or a commercial one.

❖ Saves A Lot of Money:

Getting your building washed after regular intervals externally, saves a lot of money for you. Imagine, you need to get you building painted every time there is dirt, grease, algae, and chemical stains. Well, this will definitely eat your bank balance a lot. However, if the building is maintained on a regular level by washing the roofs and looking after the concrete edges, then it does not utilize a lot of your savings plus, without any hassle of repainting the house, you get a look that is as new as when you first built it.

❖ Roof Replacement is Quite Expensive:

The roof of any building gets the most affected during bad weathers and replacing it every year is not a great option, both; money and energy wise. To keep the roof fresh and healthy for years, pressure washing is what you need for your building. However, we usually think about roof maintenance when it is high time and it requires a replacement. The fact is, if the roof care is taken properly then it can actually add some golden years of usefulness to its entire serving life. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggest to get your roof checked and maintained twice a year for its effective use and here are the reasons stating to back this statement:

➢ Enduring and Aging:

Any type of roof cannot be immune to the after-effects of weathering and aging. In fact, the life of a multi-ply roof has been marked between 20-30 years, whereas, of a single-ply roof it has been marked between 15-25 years. As the roof gets aged, the symptoms of its decaying are purely visible. The breakouts, leakages etc. occupy the house mostly then. However, regular maintenance can solve the adverse effect of weathering and aging of the roof for years.

➢ Storm Catastrophe:

Heavy hailstones, winds, and various weather adversities can actually damage the roof and can create a situation where you need to claim for insurance. If roofs are inspected right after these catastrophes, then the chances are it can be prevented from any further damages and leakages. Whereas, damage occurred due to hailstones and high winds need less attention that storms but if taken care of at the right time then it can save you from the hassle of getting a roof replaced. Remember, it is better late than never!

➢ Leak Reckoning:

After a heavy rainy day, a leak is the most common reason why inspection of a building becomes necessary more than ever. However, this may be a good news for people as they continue to live under a damaged roof and risking the lives living under it till the roof does not show any sign of heavy damage. Molding, wood rot, grease are all normal things that decay the life expectancy of a roof slowly.

Without an expert’s inspection, a layman can never understand the depth of the leakage in the roof. Sometimes, even the best roofs have leakages due to small flashing issues. Therefore, the actual problem can be elsewhere from the leakage point but cannot be diagnosed without an expert’s eye.

➢ Appropriate Drainage:

A couple of things are extremely important while getting a roof installed like; drainage and the magnitude of the slope of the roof. Stagnant water on the roof gives birth to various issues that become difficult to fix without replacement and upsurge the chances of leakages, growing grease, molds etc. on the other hand, having a great drainage system is actually beneficial for the roof. Leaves, debris, sediments, often block the drainage system leading to stagnant water issues. However, if regular maintenance and inspection of the roof are done then it can prevent these severe problems as the drain will work efficiently. Also, water is extremely heavy and because of a poor drainage system, it can affect the entire house and will need roof replacement immediately.

➢ Vegetation Devastation:

Vegetation devastation can occur when gutters and other areas are not cleaned thoroughly. helps us fight any damage done to roof and otherwise to the exterior of any building. Birds also construct their nests on roofs, bring seeds, and these seeds add to the growth of vegetation. Also, the branches of the tree grinding against the roof is another visible damage. Therefore, to have a healthy roof, the gutters need to be cleaned at regular intervals and the branches of the trees need proper trimming and cutting at regular intervals.

An additional problem with vegetation is that the roots can drill in the house which is the root cause of leakages in the house. If the owner of the building acts immediately then this problem can be solved before it takes major turns.

➢ Roof Cleaning:

As the roof is generally out of sight, people actually do not consider it as important for maintenance. If inspection of the roof is done on a regular basis then cleaning of the roof will also be done regularly as it will serve as a reminder call. Cleaning debris and leaves are low cost as compared to getting the roof replaced. Even a minute problem can lead to major issues if not mended will in time.

➢ Protection:

There are major chances of breakouts via rooftops. Regular inspection helps in noticing the roof areas which need proper maintenance and need regular care and watch. Keeping the roofs in good conditions can keep the thieves at bay.

➢ Warranty Retrieve Options:

If you have a covered roof warranty then getting your roof inspected and rectified is great. However, there are a lot of reasons leading to roof damage and every reason may not be covered under this roof warranty. However, if any damage occurs then the owner should let an excerpt hand determine whether this damage comes under warranty claim or not. If he qualifies to avail the claim then he is lucky to save some money and get his roof repaired without any extra cost.

❖ Algae and Grease Stains can Cause Health Issues:

Algae, mold, grease stains are not just present outside the house, but they also penetrate inside via breakouts in the wall or roofs. These are a major cause of a headache, blurry vision, lack of concentration. They also make your windows and roof corners look filthy. Therefore, to keep you inside clean, you need the outer cleaning of the house on a regular basis. Save your loved ones from problems that you can solve before it starts affecting their lives.

❖ Increases The Value of The Building:

Do you try to sell a car which is not in a good condition or do you sell a car without getting it serviced? Well, definitely no! This is because you want good amount for your used car and if not serviced, then nobody will give a great price for it. Similarly, a house that is in a rotting condition will never seal a deal at a great price. However, if inspection and maintenance are done on regular intervals then chances are that you will get the price double from the market value, if not that, at least it will increase the brand value of your house for any sales. Keep in mind the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it depends on you, what are you making this beholder look at!

❖ Time is Precious:

What will save your time; getting a roof replaced after some years or maintaining it by looking after it at regular intervals? Well, ask this question to yourself and you will seek the right answer! Time is valuable and most people waste it on taking care of their building in the long run by neglecting to take care of it when the problem was propelling. Humans have the tendency to work on a problem when it gets on our nerves, we generally tend to close our eyes when the issue just takes the first step. We wait and water the problem to grow bigger and then try to find a feasible solution for it which leads to loss of money, time, and energy.

It is not wrong to say in the end that buildings are not just places that we live or work in, they are like humans, the more you care the better they serve. While we are busy decorating these from inside, we should not neglect the outer care of these. Like humans, even the outer needs to have a soothing effect on eyes when someone watches it. A building that has a great outer look can generate curiosity to know how beautiful the inside looks as people still judge the book by its cover!

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