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4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Roof Rather Than Replacing It

4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Roof Rather Than Replacing It

roof cleaning MiamiIs your roof looking ugly and so, are you planning to replace or renovate it? Hold on for a while and think! Does it really need a replacement? Or does it need just a good cleaning? Well, just getting your roof thoroughly cleaned can save a big sum for you and make your roof look fresh like new and extend its life much longer.

Does Your Roof Need Cleaning or Replacement?

Inspect your roof. Examining your roof thoroughly can help you make a decision about whether to replace it or just clean it. If your shingles are missing, they are probably more than 25 years old. If there are no granules left on your shingles, shingles have become brittle or tabs are flipping up, your roof really needs replacement.

However, only because your bright-colored roof has now been dotted with solid black patches or moss has grown on it, you need not replace the roof. It may just need a good cleaning.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider roof cleaning.

1. Roof Cleaning will Give Your Home a Polished Look

After a thorough cleaning, all black stains, also known as magma, and moss on your roof will go, giving your roof an all-new look. Professional roof cleaners, like roof cleaning Miami, usually make use of a biodegradable chemical that offers a residual effect and will thus continue keeping your roof free from these stains for at least a year.

2. It will Protect Your Roof from Damage

For ongoing protection, you can use the biodegradable chemical cleaner every 18 to 36 months. But you need not wait for a problem to arise to clean your roof. Using such a chemical cleaner is also a preventative measure and you can prevent the destructive moss with it and prolong the life of your shingles.

3. It will Save Your Money

Roof cleaning is certainly a lot less costly than roof replacement. While an average roof replacement can cost you thousands of bucks, cleaning the same roof will cost only a few hundreds.

4. It Makes Your Roof Warranty Effective

Several homeowners don’t realize they should clean their roof regularly since their shingles featured multi-year warranty, but in fact the manufacturer recommends to clean them. Just as getting a 100,000-mile warranty for your vehicle doesn’t mean that you need not change the oil for that period, you should also take care of your roof so as to extend its life and enjoy the shelter for years to come.

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