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5 Golden Rules to Make the Most of Your Steam Mop

5 Golden Rules to Make the Most of Your Steam Mop

best steam mop 2018  A steam mop is an extremely convenient cleaning tool. It’s very innovative and is known for saving time and doing the cleaning job perfectly. In comparison to a mop and bucket system, a steam mop is very convenient and quick. Having said that, the final result of the steam mop’s job depends on how efficiently you use the steam mop. There are a few tips and tricks to follow in order to get the cleaning job best done from your steam mop. Here are some.

1. Prep the Floor

Even if you have the best steam mop 2018, first off, it’s important to make the floor free of any dust and other dirt by vacuuming it before steaming, to get the best results. If you don’t have a vacuum, sweep it. However, a vacuum is more effective to pull out dirt from cracks and hidden corners. If the dust, lint or dirt remains on the floor, it may turn the mop head dirty.

A few dual function steam mop/sweeper tools are available on the market. They can work significantly well when small areas or messes are to be cleaned, so that you need not clean the floor with a vacuum. However, a vacuum gets far more dirt from the entire floor, before steam mopping. This makes the mop pad less dirty and thereby steaming is cleaner.

2. Maintenance

A steam mop needs maintenance in the sense that it should be used on a floor which is only slightly dirty. If your floor is heavily dirty, the dirt will be smeared all over the floor with the steam giving you undesirable results.

All in all, if you buy a steam mop, clean the floors just as you used to, and then maintain them using the steam mop, but more frequently than you normally did. Cleaning floors more frequently is actually the best way to use a steam mop efficiently and your time and effort will still be saved in the long run.

steam mop needs maintenance

3. Get More Mop Pads

You will need more than one mop pad because you want to stop smearing or trailing dirt around while steaming floors. More number of pads will enable you to change them as necessary. Steam mop pads are affordable. They often wash up perfectly in the washer and should be hung to dry particularly if they are microfiber. Changing the steam mop pad when the current one is dirty, guarantees a clean steam mopping. You should immediately remove pads from the steamer and launder them after use.

4. Your Floors Should be Sealed

This is not about the efficiency of the steam mop but about general floor care. Your floor on which you will use the steam mop should be sealed since excessive moisture can harm some surfaces. Moreover, you should never do something else leaving the plugged in steam mop unattended. Moisture can gather in the pad and could ruin the floor surface.

The best thing to do is to check certain hard surface areas if you are not sure if you can use the steam mop there and keep the mop always moving. Never let it stand idly on a spot. Also when you are done with the mop, let it cool on a sealed surface and detach the pad as early as you can.

5. Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Steam Mop

  • Never add anything to the water tank of the steam mop except water.
  • Never clean with a mop pad which is dirty.
  • Never steam mop walls; hot steam could make your paint peel, lift or bubble, and also can damage the drywall or other material under the paint.
  • Never clean cold porcelain fixtures and toilets with a steam mop because they can crack with the hot steam.

Never clean cold porcelain fixtures and toilets with a steam mop

If you follow these rules for your best steam mop 2018, you can be a proud homeowner with perfectly steam-cleaned floors.

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