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5 Great Ways to Prevent Toppling of Your Trash Cans by Raccoons and Other Pests

5 Great Ways to Prevent Toppling of Your Trash Cans by Raccoons and Other Pests

raccoon proof trash canA familiar incident that can occur in any home and leads to frustration is the garbage scattered around from a trash can, courtesy to a visit by the local wildlife at night searching for food. Especially if you live near a big woodlot, you have high chances to see an overturned trash can and its contents spread out in the morning. Are there any ways to prevent this? Yes, there are! Here are a few.

1. Raccoon-proof Trash Can

Though it may seem to be a good solution, it’s actually quite hard to find a real raccoon proof trash can that actually works! However, if you check certain things and buy carefully, you can get a good item. Merely having locking handles is not a surefire solution to the raccoon problem because raccoons are very smart and can open the handles. You should ensure the handles are extremely tight and cannot be easily opened by the smart little critters. Or you can create your own raccoon proof trash can using lid-locking straps or stainless steel bin straps.

2.Building a Horizontal Shed

You can build a horizontal metal shed and store your trash cans. While such a shed offers an extra level of security from pests and critters and offers a better curb appeal by hiding the trash can, it’s quite expensive, its panels are prone to warping, pose an extra level of hassle for humans to access the trash can and the vulnerability of the trash cans to pest attacks resumes on the collection day when they have to be removed from the shed and placed at curbside.

3. Large Garbage Cart

These large garbage carts are made compulsory by some municipalities while recommended by others. They are beneficial to both – homeowners and trash collectors. The largest cans are almost pest-proof, assuming that they are too large to overturn. But smaller cans may still be vulnerable to toppling by pests.

4. Building a Fenced Enclosure

You can build a fenced enclosure for your trash cans with some lumber. It might be sufficient to prevent raccoons from toppling the cans and otherwise make it tough for them to access them. However, you have to make it on your own, so you have to invest your time.

5. Lid Straps

Several homeowners choose using a mechanism that can prevent pests from opening the lid from the trash can, generally some kind of strap or bungee cord. However, the more elaborate the strapping method, the more inconvenience it poses for normal use.

By considering each of these methods, you can choose the best one suited for you and get a great peace of mind.

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