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Clean your silk rug the right way

Clean your silk rug the right way

cleaning handmade silk rugSilk rugs are insanely delicate and hence they should always be handled with care. They are incredibly smooth and get stained very quickly. Also it’s not easy to clean a silk rug just like rugs of any other fibers. You need to ensure that the cleaning process wouldn’t damage the material. However silk fibers are very strong and people love to have them in their homes. There are lot of things to be considered and taken care of if you have a silk rug at your home. Today we are going to share a couple of them.

Cleaning your silk rug

As we already told silk rugs can get stained easily and hence the chances of fading are also more. So it’s important to ensure that your rug doesn’t get stained easily. There aren’t much things you can do to make that happen other than keeping them in a place that is not frequently walked upon. Some people use these silk rugs, especially handmade silk rugs, for decorating their walls as a piece of art which in fact is a very good way to prevent your rug from getting stained or damaged soon.

Now, if it’s the other way, like if your silk rug lies flat on the floor on a daily basis, then cleaning the silk rug is vital. You can do it simply by sweeping it gently with an ordinary broom or just vacuuming it. However while vacuuming make sure that you use only the brushless suction head of the vacuum otherwise the roller brush might damage your rug.

Stain removal

Removing stains from a silk rug is one big task to do. The first thing you need to know while removing wet stains from a silk rug is that this material is highly sensitive to hot water. Using hot water will cause the material to break down. Hence always ensure that you use lukewarm water to remove wet stains from a silk rug. Solid spills can be scooped up with a spoon gently. The colors remaining from the stains can be removed with the help of club soda. You can pour the soda directly onto the rag and then blot against the stain. Leave it to dry for some time to get best results. Spot cleaning is always recommended in the case of silk rugs.

Choosing the right material


Silk rugs are tough for maintenance but when the material is a blend of silk and wool then cleaning would be much easier. Since wools are water resistant the spills would just bead up instead of soaking into the fibres. This makes cleaning an easy job.

Professional cleaning

No matter how much we preach about cleaning your silk rug all by yourself, there are times when those rugs require proper treatment from a professional cleaning service. This would prevent you from damaging rugs while removing big or difficult stains. Choose a good company that has got proper experience in cleaning silk rugs. You can also check with them the kind of treatments involved in the cleaning process and thereby ensuring that your rug is safe from any sort of harmful treatments.

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