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Take a Sigh of Relief and Pure and Clean Air with Ozone Bad Odor Removal Treatment

Take a Sigh of Relief and Pure and Clean Air with Ozone Bad Odor Removal Treatment

bad odor removalIf you have tried everything to remove bad odor from your room, closet, kitchen or bathroom, but have failed, try ozone technology. You might have heard about it, but might be wondering what it is exactly and how it removes bad odor. So, here’s some useful and interesting information for you.

As you have learned in chemistry, ozone is basically a molecule of oxygen, but not the regular O2 but O3, i.e. it contains 3 atoms of oxygen. Obviously it’s a very unstable molecule and its 3rd atom is always eagerly waiting to unite with some other atom and become stable. This very fact is taken benefit of when there is a need for bad odor removal in a space.

How does Ozone Remove Bad Odor?

Ozone being a highly reactive molecule, quickly reacts with the particles that are causing bad odor, maybe it is any gas, bacteria or spores. The 3rd oxygen atom in the ozone molecule gets united with the odor-causing substance and thus the chemical structure of that substance is changed or in other words, that substance is destroyed or turns harmless. Thus due to the oxidation process what was earlier an odor-causing particle turns into a totally different compound, and thus doesn’t possess the odor-causing property of its previous form. So, you can imagine how odor is destroyed by ozone and not just masked like other odor removal techniques.

When the bad odor is caused by spores or bacteria, ozone attacks their outer shell and breaks down its cells. When the outer shell breaks down, the organism or spore dies.

Amount of Ozone Required

When you have a strong bad odor to be removed, naturally you will need more ozone molecules to destroy all the odor-causing particles. In that case, you will either need an ozone treatment for a longer duration or higher concentration of ozone.

Why is Ozone so Effective?

It is often experienced by people who have tried everything else to remove bad odor only to get no results or incomplete results, i.e. the odor still lingers to at least a small extent, get success with ozone treatment. This is because ozone is basically a gas and so it can enter easily where air can go. This includes air, cracks in walls, ceilings etc, ductwork, gaps between footboards, carpet fiber and more. Ozone reaches these hidden nooks and corners and attacks the last lingering odor-causing particles there so as to remove bad odor completely.

All in all, if you are tired of all other odor removal treatments, it’s time now to try an ozone treatment, so that you can take a sigh of relief and pure and clean air.

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