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Top 4 Floor Care Tips that can Create a Healthy Environment in Your Home

Top 4 Floor Care Tips that can Create a Healthy Environment in Your Home

tile flooring careClean and tidy floors make any home look welcoming and pleasant. But you don’t have to break your knees and back to keep them clean. Here are some simple tips with which you can keep your floors, whether they are laminate or tile, cork or linoleum, sparkling clean and new always.

1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate may look like natural stone tiles or hardwood planks. However you have to take care of it as a laminate. Fortunately, there are very few things that can damage a laminate floor. After all, the planks are designed in layers that are sun- and light-resistant to maintain the new-like look for years. However, you will have to prevent water from getting beneath the planks. It’s recommended to clean the floor with a mop or a best vacuum for laminate floors, making sure that the machine is on tile mode (and not carpet) i.e. with a raised beater. Whenever required, spot-clean with a bit damp mop. Experts suggest never to polish a laminate floor. It’s best to replace a plank if its finish looks damaged.

laminate flooring care

2. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring can be kept looking fresh with a mixture of warm water, 1 drop of dish soap and ¼ cup of vinegar which you should spray on one section of the floor at a time and wipe with a damp microfiber mop. This is the best method for weekly cleaning, while for periodic deep cleaning, steam cleaning is the best. And for total removal of stains as well as bacteria, you can use the best vacuums for tile floors.

tile flooring care

3. Natural Stone Flooring

The all-time solution for cleaning floors and almost everything else, vinegar, is a strict no-no when you have stone flooring. Even a slight amount of the acidic solvent can damage your stone flooring just like ammonia and bleach. Instead, mop sealed stone floors with a non-chelating, pH neutral cleansing agent that won’t react with the minerals in the stone. If your stone flooring is unsealed, it’s good to mop it with hot water and a microfiber mop. If the dirt is stubborn, use a steam cleaner.

4. Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is not like the almost indestructible vinyl flooring. Real linoleum is made of resin, linseed oil, cork dust, wood fiber and limestone, and is painted with mineral pigments. So, treat it like cork. Make a solution of hot water and a few drops of dish soap and clean the floor section-by-section with a microfiber mop.

Today you can even get the best robotic vacuum for laminate floors and other type of floors. So, consider keeping your floors clean with them and create a healthy environment in your home.

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