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Top 4 Tips to Make the Most of Self-storage Unit for Moving

Top 4 Tips to Make the Most of Self-storage Unit for Moving

self-storage unitsWhatever one may say, moving is stressful for anyone. Some of this stress can be relieved in some instances, by renting a convenient self-storage unit. By doing so, you can have an access to a safe holding place for all your things for a minimal investment, so that you can deal with moving. At times, when closing dates don’t line up, a storage unit turns from a feasible convenience to a moving requirement.

Whatever may be your moving dilemma, having a storage unit for organising your home for house move is more seamless than you might imagine. Here are a few tips that will help you use storage effectively for a move.

1. Think on What Size You Require

Of what size should your storage unit be? You want a large one enough to store your belongings but don’t want to overpay for an overly big one. You can take help of self-storage facility representatives to determine the size of unit you’ll require and you can also find space estimators online.

For storing small items, a 5×5 foot unit is ideal, while for storing a one-bedroom home, consider a 10×10 foot unit. For storing away a 3- or 4-bedroom home, you will need a 10×20 foot unit. Units in other sizes are also available where you can store vehicles etc.

Think on What Size You Require

2. Climate-controlled Units

For storing delicate and sentimental belongings like electronics, artworks, photos etc. you can consider booking a unit called a climate-controlled unit.

Humidity and temperature changes can warp furniture and mildew upholstery. Therefore while storing these things you should consider time of the year, duration of storage and things you’ll be storing.

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3. Decide the Time

One of the best ways to relieve the stress of moving is to start early. Right when you come to know that you will be moving, book a storage unit. This will enable you to start packing at once rather than waiting till the last minute. Whether it is about decluttering your home so that it can sell quickly or packing it up so as to clean it thoroughly, having a space to place your boxes will help you have your home stress-free and welcoming.

Decide the Time

4. Understand What to Store and What Not to Store

Things you can live without during the moving process should be stored in your self-storage unit. E.g. if you have two sets of utensils, pack up one of them and store it and use the other till the date of moving is near. Similarly out-of-season clothes can be stored away.

Storing your stuff in this way will make your moving process smooth and organized and you can actually enjoy moving!

Understand What to Store and What Not to Store

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