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Importance of a Property Surveyor and Tips for Finding a Good Surveyor

Importance of a Property Surveyor and Tips for Finding a Good Surveyor

property surveyorIf you are buying a property, you might have heard that you need a property surveyor too along with other professionals. Have you thought upon what the professional is needed for? Here is some information and tips on how to choose a proper property surveyor.

Surveys Vs Valuations

A survey is different from a valuation. If you will be purchasing a property with a mortgage, the basic valuation will be conducted by your mortgage company. This will be to find out whether the property is worth the amount you are spending. The mortgage company will send you a copy of the valuation; however, it may not include any problems that a survey may ordinarily include. Hence it is important that you on your own hire a surveyor to do a keen inspection of the property you want to buy.

Types of Surveys

There are mainly two types of surveys – homebuyer’s report and full building survey

Homebuyer’s Report

This type of survey is for reducing the cost and is a preferred choice if you are going to buy a comparatively standard property in a seemingly good condition and is less than around 30 years old. The main purposes of the Homebuyer’s Survey, as per the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, are:

  • Making an informed and reasoned judgment of whether to proceed with the purchase or not
  • Evaluating whether the concerned property is a sensible purchase at the said price or not
  • Explaining what actions and decisions should be taken before the exchange of contracts

Many assessments will be made by your surveyor, including:

  • The general status of the property
  • Major faults in the building’s accessible parts that may have an effect on the value
  • Problems that need an urgent specialist’s inspection before you sign a deal
  • Damaged timbers, like rot or woodworm
  • Damp on the walls
  • Value of the property in the market

Full Building Survey

This is a more expensive survey than the Homebuyer’s Survey but it’s also more detailed and thorough, and so, are more suitable for:

  • Listed buildings
  • An unusually constructed building, of whatever age
  • 30 or more years old buildings
  • Properties that will be renovated in any way

The report will include:

  • All major as well as minor defects and their effect
  • Possible expense of repairs
  • Damp in walls
  • Damaged timbers, like rot or woodworm
  • Status of insulation, damp-proofing and drainage (although drains are not tested)
  • The location
  • Technical information of construction and materials used
  • Recommendations for further special inspections

Tips for Finding a Perfect Surveyor

  • First you should decide whether you need a Homebuyer’s Survey or a Full Building Survey. You can decide this by the age, design and problems (that you can see obviously) in the property.
  • Your surveyor should have good knowledge of the local area and other flats and houses there.
  • If you are buying a specialised property e.g. constructed in an unusual way, you will need a surveyor that specialises in that particular type.

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