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BuzzMeHome – End of Your Problem of Restricted Entry to Your Apartment

BuzzMeHome – End of Your Problem of Restricted Entry to Your Apartment

BuzzMeHomeDo you often face the problem of giving entry to your guests to your apartment, Airbnb or condo because of the limited number of fobs of your building? Can’t enjoy a party or get-together fully because you are busy in buzzing in your guests? Not anymore! Here’s an innovative solution – a cloud-based phone number which will give access to any number of your family members, guests or roommates and you don’t have to maintain multiple heavy fobs in your pocket! It’s BuzzMeHome!

What is BuzzMeHome?

BuzzMeHome is a cloud-based service with which you can give automatic door entry to whatever number of other people. It allows you to control your building intercom or buzzer remotely by using access codes and you can connect to multiple phones with it.

What Should I Do to Get BuzzMeHome?

You just have to sign up at and you will get a personal number which you can provide to your building manager and your intercom will be managed by BuzzMeHome system. Whenever you want to forward a cell phone or landline number, just log in and generate access codes. Thus you can get any number of access codes to give entry to your family members, roommates or other guests.

Benefits of BuzzMeHome

  • You get a great peace of mind regarding your children’s safety as you can give them access codes and get notified on your mobile phone when they use the code and enter the apartment.
  • If you are a family of more than 3 or 4 or are sharing a room between more than 3-4 people, you don’t have to worry about the entry of other members restricted because of the limited number of fobs allowed by your building.
  • You can give access codes to any number of guests to your home while being on a vacation away from home.
  • You can allow your dog walker, cleaner and babysitter enter your home on particular timings by scheduling unique access codes for them, so that you need not keep guessing who entered your house at what time.
  • Having the ability to allow any number of guests is especially useful while throwing a large party! You need not get engaged in buzzing in your guests all the time leaving all the preps. You just have to give your guests temporary access codes and they will buzz themselves in.

And you can imagine how useful BuzzMeHome may be in countless other ways! This is a smart condo buzzer for Airbnb hosts, realtors and roommates that allows your building intercom to be forwarded to multiple phones instead of just one. Or you can allow your guests to enter the building through access codes with no phones involved.

Thus if you are fed up of the house entry problem, get BuzzMeHome and make yours and others’ life easy!


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