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Ensure Yours and Your Family’s Safety with High Quality Storm Shelters

Ensure Yours and Your Family’s Safety with High Quality Storm Shelters

door to underground storm shelterMarch to May is a season of tornados in Oklahoma. It has been recommended in the safety guide of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management that you should go into an underground shelter or enclosed basement if a tornado is about to arrive. However, usually suburban homes constructed in the so-called Tornado Alley lack basements because of high water tables and rocky soil that eliminate the possibility of building basement. An internal room or closet, usually advised for those who have no basements, is not actually very useful when winds and debris are extreme. Therefore Oklahoma Storm Shelters have been made necessary to be built in all new homes, which is a good move.

Tornados can damage a one mile area. Some tornados can be 50 miles above ground. Tornados usually appear from 3 pm to 9 pm. Bad weather is common in Oklahoma and it can appear fast because of mixing of cold and warm air from the jet stream. Just last year, several tornados took place in Oklahoma causing lots of rain, floods in streets and hail. In such a condition, being prepared with a storm shelter is the wisest thing to do.

A storm shelter is a construction meant for protection of people from storms and the resulting strong winds and flying debris. They are of many types.

Concrete Storm Shelters

Going underground is the safest move during a tornado. Therefore a concrete storm shelter underground is a great choice. Oklahoma falls in tornado alley and there are lots of tornados here every year. You can get underground concrete storm shelters at home and business.

underground concrete shelter with slope top

Underground Garage Shelter

Underground garage shelter is installed in your garage without taking a space in your garage. You can park your vehicle in the garage over the shelter, so you have an access to your vehicle. Thus it is a great space-saving design.

Getting in to an Underground Garage Shelter

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms can be created as separate exterior rooms. You can choose a part of an existing garage or any room that you had built previously as a safe room. You can also get it customized. The steel safe rooms created by have passed FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) certification and withstand the impacts of even an EF-5 tornado.

The safe rooms of are delivered to you completely assembled. Their in-house trained installers unload the safe room, roll it to the place of installation and anchor it to the floor ensuring a more secure hold. Most other safe rooms have no floor, while those of have a steel floor. It takes about 35 to 45 minutes for the installation of a safe room.

Safe Room

Underground Bunker

Underground bunkers can accommodate up to 25 people. There are stairs and door outside, and can be on both sides of the bunker. Because of the wide stairs and doors, you can take shelter quickly in these bunkers. These bunkers are made of steel and are leak proof. So, you can store any item in it without worrying about it getting ruined or wet.

underground bunker

Oklahoma Shelters is a company that provides the best and highest quality storm shelters. They have all the above types of storm shelter, all of which have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test and withstand EF5 tornado. They not only meet but also exceed FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards. All these shelters come with Engineer Approved Seals. Pictures in this article are their courtesy.

So, ensure yours and your family’s safety during a tornado with the high quality storm shelters and get a great peace of mind.

delivery of safe rooms

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