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6 Great Garden Design Ideas and Inspirations

6 Great Garden Design Ideas and Inspirations

auriculas in terracotta potsIf you are passionate about your garden and always on a lookout for new ideas and inspirations to make it seem fresh and beautiful, it’s your own creativity that will help you achieve that. Keep an eye out for your local gardens and your friends’ gardens and note if you can find anything interesting. You can also visit a good gardening blog regularly to get the latest information and updates in gardening. Here are some garden design ideas which may help you.

1. Add Nutrients to Your Soil with Leftovers

While you may buy pricey fertilizers to add nutrients for your plants, you can do the same way more economically with some of the leftovers from your meals, like the water which you use for cooking vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yams etc. The leftovers from your meals and the cut upper parts and stalks and skins of veggies and fruits can act as excellent manure with the help of earthworms. Dig a pit in your yard and toss the organic garbage in it along with some earthworms. This concoction will in no time turn the garbage into extremely nutritious manure.

geraniums potted up on windowsill

2. Use all Your Soil

While shoveling, some soil gets stuck to it and spreads away from your garden, i.e. in your home and on the path between your garden and home. To avoid this wastage of soil you can spray the shovel with a Teflon or silicone lubricant which avoids soil sticking to the shovel and mess created thereby.non-stick shovel

3. Use A Ladder to Fit In Your Containers

Henceforth while taking your plants to the nursery, use a step ladder to keep them in place while you drive. Place a ladder in the back of your truck or the backseat of your car and arrange your plants in the slots between its rungs. This will help keep all the pots in place without spilling and you will return with neat containers and a clean car.


4. Control an Aggressive Plant

A plant like gooseneck loosestrife can easily take over your garden because of its fast growth. You will have to control it. This can be done by planting such plants in a plastic container in the beginning and then into the ground.

old copper pot

5. Deal Gently with the Roots of Root-bound Plants

Root-bound plants are the plants that have roots tightly interwoven. This happens when the plant is potted. This tight ball of roots prevents water and nutrients from reaching the upper parts of the plant. You will have to gently deal with this root-ball by directing the roots with your fingers. If they are too tight to deal with, give vertical cuts carefully with a knife.

old pot

6. Protecting Flower Bulbs

Are pests munching on your beloved flowering plants’ bulbs? You can keep them away by spreading a net over the flower beds. Upon arrival of spring, just remove the netting to allow the plants to grow through.

auriculas in bterracotta pots

At The Enduring Gardener, Stephanie and her team give tips and tricks for gardening. As a firm believer in organic methods, her gardening tips are equally concerned for the Nature as they are for the growth of a beautiful garden. The beautiful pictures in this article are their courtesy.

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