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8 Amazing Landscaping Tips to Trigger Your Creativity

8 Amazing Landscaping Tips to Trigger Your Creativity

landscaping tipsA beautiful yard surrounding the home is every homeowner’s dream. However, sometimes it’s difficult to get just the landscaping ideas you dream of. Here are a few to trigger your creativity. You can add your own and custom them to your perception.

1. Border Paths with Lavender

It’s a great pleasure taking a walk on paths that are lined beautifully. But alas, the plants you line your paths with are destroyed by deer or some other nuisance. Or their colors may not be to your liking. Choose lavender for bordering paths. They come in incredibly nice hues, and are practically indestructible and deer-resistant!

2. Use Vines to Decorate Gates

Another pleasure is to enter your garden or one of its parts through a fragrant gate! Plant a fragrant climbing vine like star jasmine near your gate. It will climb over the top of the gate and you’ll enjoy its pleasant fragrance every time you pass through the gate.

3. Potting Shed

Not just plants, but even some other elements bring the required charm to your garden, e.g. a potting shed! Have such a glass-encased shed to your garden.

4. Plant Edibles

Keep a part of your garden reserved to plant edibles, like berries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and many more. They are not only useful for helping you prepare a meal, but also look stunning.

5. Create a Sitting Area

Don’t forget to select a quiet spot to make it your sitting area to enjoy some relaxed moments with your friends or even alone. You can spread gravel on the ground there or let the ground be green with grass, add chairs and tables and surround it with bushes and vines. Take help of Parker Landscaping to create great-looking landscapes where you can unwind and relax.

create a sitting area

6. Create a Lush Nighttime Beauty with Moonflower

Moonflower is a night-blooming variety of morning glory and features white fragrant flowers that bloom from sunset to sunrise, midsummer to early autumn. Watching them opening up at dusk is a real joy, especially while taking a stroll in your garden after your dinner. They attain a height of over 15 feet. You can plant several of them and achieve a lush nighttime beauty.

7. Surround Your Garage Door with Roses

Why should garage be a bland area to store your car and its accessories, and sometimes servicing it? Surround it with a variety of roses and impress yourself and your guests with a welcoming, colorful and fragrant front yard!

8. Add Pot Hangers

You need not plant your plants only in plain grounds; you can even play with pots, e.g. with a polypropylene with hanged potted plants with clamps onto a fence or wall. Choose a hanger that can bear a lot of weight and plant anything from kitchen herbs to annuals such as bacopa and pansies.

Hope these tips have brought many more landscaping ideas to your brains and now you are all set to create a mind-blowing yard. All the best!

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