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Pergolas – Things to Consider

Pergolas – Things to Consider

pergola in gardenIf you are planning to buy a pergola, it’s a very good decision. A pergola acts in a unique way to enhance your yard. With their minimal structure, pergolas cover a large area. You can increase the size of basic pergolas by using arbors and trellises and form multiple spaces with timed outlines and a lovely interlace of flowers and vines. You can also get a DIY Pergola Kit at Here we will take a look at some facts about pergolas so that you can take a wise decision.

Definition of a Basic Pergola

A basic pergola contains only posts on which there are beams forming an overhead lattice for controlled growth of vines. Pergolas offer a shady and relaxing space on decks and patios, and in gardens.

pergola as home extension


Pergolas are made of wood, metal, fiberglass and vinyl.


You can have a traditional pergola or a contemporary one. There are countless styles available and you have a wide range to choose from. Pergolas can be an extension of your home or an individual structure. They offer a shade without having to sacrifice airiness. Plus they provide decoration of spaces outside the house like tops of garages, patios and decks. Their posts can be tied to existing concrete patios or can be fixed in the ground.

pergola at night

Decide What You Want

Functions of pergolas can be innumerable and your creativity has no end. You can use them as a romantic space or a luxurious center of attraction in garden parties. Anyway you use them, pergolas definitely provide an aesthetic appeal, a relaxing getaway, shade, entertainment and relaxation.

pergola at swimming pool


As said earlier, there are various styles in pergolas.

Traditional: These contain straight lines and symmetry all through their structure. Designs are simple yet elegant and classic symbols are used in the design.

Contemporary: These contain minimal and simple lines. Geometrical shapes made with wrought iron, canvas covering, metal and plastic seating and gravel pathway are some styles in contemporary pergolas.

Cottage Garden: This style of pergola is based on an idea of a humble cottage in a shady, serene wood. It contains detailed lattice work and luxuriant vines for an added privacy. All in all, it is extremely romantic and quaint. You can also use bricks or cobblestone to add to the charm.

Modern: These are quite opposite to cottage and are made from metal, vinyl or fiberglass, with coverings of sheer or canvas. Modern technology and products are used in the construction along with strong lines and abstract symmetry.pergola in garden


At, they take care to keep you free from the frustration of complicated construction process and resulting look that you didn’t desire of pergolas. Amish Country Gazebos pergola kits eliminate variables like cost, construction time and looks of completed product. With their pergola kits, you are sure about what you are getting and it’s a great peace of mind for you. Take a look at some of their easy-to-build amazing pergolas in this article and many more on their website.

pergola as home extension

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