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Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Which Features to Consider?

Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Which Features to Consider?

Self propelled lawn mowers are best suitable to larger suburban lots having inclines. This type of mowers provide unique features that make walk-behind mowing simpler than ever. In addition to the inclusion of self propelling drive system that propels the mower by itself, most of the self propelled mowers come with a range of upgrades. Here’s a list of features you can find in these propellers which will help you decide which of them is the best for you.

Single Speed or Variable Speed


A single speed self propelled lawn mower is a step further from pushing. However, if the speed is too slow or too fast, it may create issues.

A mower with a variable speed can be adjusted with your desired walking speed. This is also known as Smart Drive or Personal Pace.


Front Wheel or Rear Wheel


Front wheel mowers are typically less pricey than rear wheel models. The major difference between the two is that the rear wheel model provides better traction particularly on hills.

In front wheel models, the wheels can lose touch with the ground upon applying too much pressure on the handle while climbing hills and turning.

But some people prefer front wheel mowers due to their ability to “disengage” the self propelled mowers by lifting front wheels from the ground.


Recoil Start or Electric Start


All gas powered lawn mowers are feature a pull cord recoil start, even though it has an electric start as well. The feature of electric start is useful for those who find it difficult to pull start the equipment.

The electric start is battery operated and should be recharged.


Blade Override System


Walk behind mowers typically have a safety lever that should be held down to operate the mower engine and blade. The engine dies, when the lever is let go.

The blade override system, also called a blade break clutch, will enable the blades and engine run separately. This enables the user to move away from the mower to dump a bag or collect trash without having to restart every time.

Go through all these features and think upon which of them is the most suitable for you, so that you will have your hands on the best self-propelling lawn mower.

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