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6 Important Points to Check while Buying an Apartment

6 Important Points to Check while Buying an Apartment

South End apartmentsBuying your own home is anytime better than renting one. Paying EMI every month is anytime better than throwing away the monthly rental amount. If you are thinking along the same lines and are planning to buy your own apartment, there are certain things you should know in advance. Here they are.

1. Decide the Area


You are going to buy a property which means you and your family will spend a considerable amount of time there and won’t sell the property back for long. Therefore you should choose the area carefully. Research on the internet first about which areas fall within your budget. Then visit the shortlisted areas to check the environment there. Talk to locals to check if there is any problem, such as crime rate, social issues, natural disasters, etc. Check if there are recreational areas like parks, gardens, clubs, theaters etc. so that you and your family can feel good.


2. Research the Rates


Once you decide an area and even shortlisted certain apartments, make sure if you will be getting value for money. For example, if you have shortlisted some South End apartments, talk to real estate agents and independent valuers and check sales taken place recently in South End. Don’t rely totally on the words of developer. This is especially true if you are purchasing off the plans. You should know that the value of the completed apartment will reflect what you paid at least.


3. Visit Similar Properties


Visit as many properties as possible that have all the qualities and features you want, so that you can get an idea of what your money can buy.


4. Check Facilities


After all the necessary research, you will get a very narrow list of apartments from which you have to choose. Now check for facilities you want, such as nearness of public transport, schools or colleges, hospitals, shops and market, gym, park etc.


5. Check the Amount of Traffic and Bars


It’s also important to check whether the apartment building you have selected is near a road which has a heavy traffic. This is important if you are looking for serenity and your chosen apartment is on one of the lower levels which will easily catch all the noise and pollution of the traffic. The problem of noise can also be present if the apartment is near a bar from where a lot of drunk people may leave shouting at night, disturbing your peace.


6. Check the Management


Check the efficiency of the management of the apartment building, whether they make the best provisions for security, utility and repair and maintenance. Also check how attentive they are towards your complaints.

After checking all these points, you can get an apartment that you can live peacefully in and be proud of.

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