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4 Home Electrical Work Tips from Professional Electricians

4 Home Electrical Work Tips from Professional Electricians

electrical workEvery homeowner has to do some kind of electrical work around his home. Some homeowners are so proficient in electrical work that they can perform every big and small job regarding electricity. However, there are certain tips and tricks that only professional electricians know. Here’s a compilation of a few such tips.

1. Don’t Forget to Test Wires before Starting the Work

If you do a lot of wiring on your own, it’s natural to become a little careless about checking if the power is really off or not. This may be a grave mistake. Keep a noncontact voltage detector at hand to check each wire in the box in which you are working. Don’t fail to check the tester on a cord or wire you are aware is live to ensure it’s working before starting your electrical work with it.

2. Remove Cable Sheathing

You may be tempted to push your roughed-in cable through the knockouts in the box and later think about how to remove the sheathing. However, if you strip the sheathing first before you try to pass the wires through the holes, that will be much easier for you.

3. Locate Roughed-in Wires

If you locate wires as you install them, you can save a lot of your headache. It’s tough to identify which wires go where when they are hidden in the drywall. Professional electricians mark wires with a ‘code’ and you can do the same. You can use labeling method; however by the time you return to connect outlets and switches, tapers, drywallers and painters might cover the label or remove it. Therefore non-label method is the best. Create your own method and write it down. After that, you’ll never need to keep guessing which are “load” and “line” and which wires travel towards your three-way switch.

4. Remove Kinks and Straighten the Cable

If your cable is troubling you while passing through holes in the framing, a simple trick is to straighten it and remove all the kinks. If you just pull the cable from the coil’s centre, it will kink when you pull it through studs. Here you can lift a handful of coils (4 loops will be of around 12 feet) from the centre of the roll and throw them across the floor as if you are tossing a coiled rope. After this, walk along the cable’s length and go on straightening it. Professional electricians at Barrass Electrical who shared this trick prefer this technique for the ease and convenience it offers while handling and stoting the cable.

And last but not the least, if you are not sure about something, don’t hesitate to call professionals. After all, the thing you are playing with is electricity and there will be some incidences when you’ll have to take help of professional electricians. Take care of your safety first and you’ll enjoy working.

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