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5 Great Tips to Make the Most of Your Tankless Water Heater

5 Great Tips to Make the Most of Your Tankless Water Heater

According to the US Department of Energy, around 12% the utility budget of the average homeowner consists of heating water for bathing, washing clothes and cooking. This is a good reason for upgrading to a more energy-efficient tankless water heater to save up to 30% off of your energy bill. But even after you buy a tankless water heater, you can make even more saving on your energy bill by following a few tricks and tips. Here they are.

1. Pick the Correct Size

Your tankless water heater should meet the demand. To ensure it will do that, count how many water outlets are there in your home. This number will help you decide the correct size of water heater you need by discussing with a HVAC professional or by reading expert reviews on tankless water heaters.

2. Regular Check Up

Naturally if you maintain your tankless water heater regularly, it will last longer and work without or minimum problems and will save your money. Regular maintenance consists of a yearly cleaning of the heat exchange elements. If 80+ gallons of water is used daily by your household or business or if you make use of well water, it’s recommended to clean your heat exchange elements every 18 to 24 months. This will free the elements from mineral deposit buildup. Even if such a buildup is very light, it can reduce the efficiency of the unit. If the unit is not maintained regularly the elements may be damaged, burner cycles may be prolonged and the overall life of the water heater may be shortened.

3. Know Your Unit

Cleaning your tankless water heater is actually to flush out the mineral deposit buildup from the heating element and clean them. Around an hour is needed to flush the system fully, depending upon the size of the heater and kind of water used. The process needs the unit to be shut off for time being and three water valves should be drained. The process is no complicated; in fact, you can do it on your own. However, you should have some knowledge of the unit and a few tools (to remove the cover). If you are unsure about which lines are which and how to switch them on/off to perform the maintenance, you cannot do the job properly. It may even be dangerous if hot water touches you. Therefore maintenance should be done carefully if you do it yourself and after understanding tankless water heaters.

If your unit features an inlet filter, you will need to clean it regularly (3-4 times a year). You can remove the filter and hold it under running water to remove any sediment.

If you want to perform a quick checkup for your water heater, the most suitable time is fall. Get it done by a professional or if you want to do it yourself, refer to the owner’s manual and follow the instructions exactly about how to shut down the unit safely, flush and restart it.

4. Consider Replacing the Old System with a New One

If your water heater is over 8 years old, it’s better to purchase a new tankless water heater because the technology of these systems has changed swiftly over time and if your system is not working efficiently, you may miss out on energy and cost savings, especially if you have not performed any maintenance for many years.

5. Get it Installed by a Professional

Tankless water heaters are complex units and there are crucial plumbing linkages and high temperature gas fittings involved in the installation. All in all, it’s not a job of an amateur DIYer or handyman, but of a trained and experienced professional. So, get it installed professionally so that it can work with its full efficiency.

Follow these tips and you can get the most out of your tankless water heater and enjoy the energy and cost saving.

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