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5 Useful Tips to Prepare Your Home for Interior Painting

5 Useful Tips to Prepare Your Home for Interior Painting

Interior PaintingPlanning to get your house painted? That’s a nice decision! There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly painted home. However, painting can leave its marks not only on the walls, but elsewhere too, disturbing the beauty of your home, unless you prepare your home for the job. Here are a few useful tips.

Clear Everything from the Room or Bring it in the Middle

It’s better to take everything out from the room so that you or the painters get more space to move about and the risk of ruining the belongings is eliminated. However, this is not possible for every home because there is no space where all the belongings can be moved. In such a situation, the belongings can be brought in the middle of the room. Don’t forget to remove lights and curtains too.

Cover the Belongings with Plastic

To protect the belongings that you would move to the middle of the room from splatters of paint, cover them with a large plastic sheet. Make sure you cover them neatly because paint can make its way to places you can’t expect.

Border the Floors with Paper

To prevent paint splatters falling on the floor, cover the floor with paper or plastic.

What to Expect from Painters?

If you choose appropriate painters, they will bring the right equipment, perform the prep work and do the interior painting job so as to give long lasting results.

Here’s what they will do:

Preparing the Rooms: Remove and/or cover furniture, cover floors with drop cloths, remove all fixtures, scrape or sand all surfaces, fill cracks and holes, seal stains, caulk gaps in trim, wash surfaces

Painting: Prime surfaces as required, paint with right tools and methods, apply straight lines between walls and clean up the area

How to Choose the Paint?

You can select paints as per your own choice. However the following tips can be used to make your interior painting job perfect.

Width of the Room: Is your room wide or narrow? Light shades will advance while dark shades will recede. To make a narrow room look wider, paint the long walls light and end walls dark.

Size of the Room: Do you want to make a room look smaller or bigger? To make smaller rooms look bigger, choose light shades, and to make bigger rooms feel smaller, choose dark colours.

Check in Different Lights: Colours can appear a lot different during the day and night. Watch them at both the times to choose the right shade.

If you prepare your home for painting in the right way, you’ll end up with a smoothly painted home with no mess and with total comfort and beauty.

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