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6 Important Precautions That can Protect Your Roof from Storm

6 Important Precautions That can Protect Your Roof from Storm

protecting roof from a stormYou never know when your home is going to be hit by a storm or any other natural disaster. It is important that you understand the right steps to take if the roof on your home becomes damaged. Many types of weather can damage your roof, such as snow, sleet, rain, hail, heavy winds, and more. When you are prepared, you can save your home from more damage by fixing your roof quickly to protect your home. Here are some precautions for protecting your roofing from storm, rain etc.

1) Before the storm

Keeping your roof safe often means preparing in advance to prevent storm damage from occurring in the first place. You should inspect your roofing at least once a year to identify potential damage and get it fixed, but if you haven’t done that in a while and you know a storm is coming, be sure to check for damage and make small repairs now so they won’t turn into major problems down the road.

checking before the storm

2) Assess your roof’s damage

Once the severe weather has passed, the first step is to assess the damage caused to your roof. Thoroughly assessing the damage will help you better understand what needs to be done to fix it so you can discuss it with a contractor, like Rapid Roofing, a roofing contractor Canton Michigan or insurance company to avoid discrepancies or unforeseen costs. It is best to assess the damage in daylight so you can see the entire roof. If there are any materials that are exposed or visible, be sure to document them.

roofing contractros Canton Michigan

3) Clean out Gutters

The gutters might not be very noticeable on the side of your home, but they play an important role in protecting the roof during a storm. If gutters are clogged or damaged the water coming from the roof will get backed up and overflow. Once your gutters get clogged, the water backup can damage your roof and even sometimes cause the gutters to fall over time from the excess strain caused by the weight of the water.

getting roof repaired

4) Check if There are Leaks in Exterior Walls

Check if there are signs of leakage on the exterior walls that could have taken place during the stormy weather. If you can see any stains in the wall, there may be cracks or breakages in the mortar or bricks, especially where the wall is connected to the roof. If there are cracks, they should be immediately rectified with a good sealant.

checking exterior walls for leaks

5) Keep an Eye on Roof Tiles

Before the arrival of a storm, it’s important that you check if there are any breakages or gaps in your roof tiles or if the tiles are missing completely. If you haven’t checked them for a long time, this is particularly important. You can check the tiles with binoculars or even a camera’s zoom lens. If you cannot do that, hire a roofer to do it.
Check for moss at the same time. Moss holds water and causes dampness on the roof tiles because of which the tiles could be weakened and can’t withstand storm when it arrives.

checking tiles

6) Contact a roofing contractor to fix your roof

Having your roof inspected by someone like a professional roofing contractor Canton Michigan will confirm that any weak points in your roof are secure and ready to take on a rainstorm. A licensed roofing contractor will also have all of the proper knowledge, tools safety, equipment, and insurance to get the job done safely. Most contractors who travel around following storms provide workmanship that is substandard and have no reputation to uphold. It is best to go with a contractor with good reviews and reputation.

roofing contractros Canton Michigan

By taking the right steps, you can better protect your property during a storm or any natural disaster. Watch this amazing video to get an insight:

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