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6 Useful Furnace Cleaning Tips that will Make Your Life Comfortable

6 Useful Furnace Cleaning Tips that will Make Your Life Comfortable

Alberta Furnace Cleaning CalgaryWith proper care and maintenance your gas furnace should give you service for years to come. However, it can be done only if you know how to do it. Here are a few useful tips that will help you understand this.

1. Inspect Fan Components

In the first place, you can avoid problems with your furnace by getting it inspected thoroughly by professionals like Alberta Furnace Cleaning Calgary as you can get the furnace cleaned from them instead of cleaning on your own and that will save your money for having to repair your furnace. Apart from general inspection, its fan components should be paid special attention to check whether it has collected dust and other debris on it.

2. Clean and Substitute Filter System

The filter system is one of the most important components of a furnace since it protects your furnace from dirt. It’s advisable to clean or replace filter every year. Since filter system traps dirt and other debris, it’s bound to get packed with dirt and thus become useless for your furnace, being unable to trap dirt anymore, unless it is properly cleaned. If cleaning is not possible, you should consider replacing it. By doing this, you will increase the efficiency of your furnace.

3. Clean Blower

When you clean the filter system, your next task should be cleaning the blower assembly. It is placed just after the filter and so, some amount of dirt, dust and debris that passes through the filter goes towards the blower. The blower, belts and pulleys should be cleaned to remove this accumulated dirt. By removing the panels covering the filter, you can reach the blower assembly. Clean the blower with a damp cloth.

4. Check Thermostat

Are you feeling uncomfortable even after setting your thermostat? If you are, it means that the thermostat has some problem, particularly if it’s working for several years. It may even have stopped working and should be replaced. Check your thermostat regularly and ensure it is working properly.

5. Clean or Repair Furnace Ducts

There is a great risk of your furnace ducts getting damaged particularly when a forced-air furnace is used. In that case, the ducts should be cleaned with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, all ducts should be covered in order to prevent air from leaking in the furnace.

6. Clean Vents

The ventilation system to which furnaces are hooked with can get choked up due to heavy amount of dirt and dust. This is dangerous. Clean all the vents with a large brush. Start by taking the vent cover out and vacuum its inner side.

By spending just a short time for inspecting and maintaining your furnace, you can enjoy the comfort it offers for years. Follow these tips and live a comfortable life.

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