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7 Excellent Drainage Maintenance Tips that will Make You a Proud Homeowner

7 Excellent Drainage Maintenance Tips that will Make You a Proud Homeowner

drainage maintenance tipsWhen you or anyone else looks at your home and admires its beauty, with its beautiful painting work, decoration, lovely roof, windows and garden, you can hardly imagine how important the drainage of the home is. Without proper drainage, your home cannot look beautiful. It’s when a drain is clogged and wet spots start showing on your walls, you understand the importance of drainage. Here are some basic tips for the maintenance of your drainage.

1. Be Careful About What You Throw in the Drain


While throwing whatever in the drain, think whether those things can clog the drain. These include food particles, hair, medication, oil, grease, cosmetics and other such items. These build residue or won’t be flushed down easily.


2. Make Use of Strainers


Make use of strainers to keep debris and other particles away from clogging the drain. Food residues from the pots should be strained and tossed in the garbage bin instead of the drain. Also, develop a habit of clearing dishes and plates of any leftover food before washing them.

3. Install Screens

Whether it is the drain in the kitchen sink, bathtub or shower, installing screens over it can stop or reduce the amount of hair, particles and other dirt from going down the drain and clogging it along the way. The screen will catch all the debris and you can then throw it in the bin.

4. Use Water and Disposal Properly

Ensure water and disposal are turned on before adding food. Allow the water to run for 15 seconds more following the usage of disposal, whereby the particles will be totally flushed down the line. Never throw celery, potato peel, banana peel or other fibrous or stringy waste down the disposal.


5. Minimise Bathroom Clogs


Reduce the use of bath oils, particularly those that can build up over time. The toilet should be used to flush down only human waste. Anything else should be thrown in the trash can.


6. Keep Checking Leaks


Every month, spend at least ten minutes to take a walk around your home and check sewers, pipes, flush toilets and sinks, to check if there are any leaks. The quicker you point out the leaks or any other problem, the sooner you can get the problematic area repaired from a drainage specialist. A part of your home drainage maintenance is to make sure your plumbing system is working correctly.


7. Flush with Hot Water


If you doubt that someone has thrown oil down the drain, you can stop bigger residue build up by weekly flushing the drain with hot water. Pour a large potful of boiling water on all your drains. Repeat once. After that, allow cold water to run through for 60 seconds.

If you do these maintenance tricks regularly, your drainage system will work smoothly and you can be a proud homeowner.

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