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7 Useful Tips to Make Your AC Run Efficiently for Years

7 Useful Tips to Make Your AC Run Efficiently for Years

aircon repair SingaporeYour AC works hard to help you cool down in the hottest days of summer. You too are supposed to reciprocate in the form of giving it a good maintenance and see to it that it works efficiently all the time. Here are a few tips.

1. Get the Unit Inspected by a Professional


To maintain the optimum efficiency of your air-conditioning unit to the highest, it should be inspected by a professional like a highly reputable aircon repair Singapore company professional. A bonded, licensed and insured HVAC professional will inspect, clean and tune your AC unit before the beginning of the hot season so that you can be relaxed during summer.


2. Check Filter


Check the air filter at least once in a month and replace it if required. You should do this particularly in summer as dust and allergens pass through the filter and may clog it, making your unit work harder than needed to provide the same amount of cool air.

Replacing filter is perhaps one of the simplest yet the most effective ways of energy conservation and money-saving on your usage of HVAC. And just like changing oil in your vehicle, it’s an important measure to maintain the long-term health of your AC.


3. Ensure Your AC is in Shade


If you keep your aircon in shade, it will work more efficiently. A shaded place obviously has cooler air than the surrounding air, and so, the AC doesn’t have to work hard to cool it.


4. Keep Thermostat Away from Heat


Don’t place anything that’ll get hot, such as TV set, lamps etc near your thermostat. Thermostat will sense the heat and thereby make the aircon run longer than required. Also, its location should not be such that the sun would shine directly on it.


5. Invest in a Smart Thermostat


If you are scared of the risk of forgetting to tweak your thermostat while leaving for work, consider a smart or programmable thermostat or timer for your unit.


6. Take Weatherization Steps


The intention of your AC is to keep hot air out and make inner air cool. If you don’t want to lose the inner cool air, you should take a few basic weatherization steps. Seal all the air leaks with caulking and weather-stripping. Air conditioning ducts should be surrounded by insulation.


7. Do the Landscaping Thoughtfully


Avoid using plenty of rock, asphalt or cement while landscaping on the west or south sides of your home because if it’s not shaded, it will raise the temperature around your home and emit heat.

Follow these tips to enjoy a highly efficient AC unit that will keep you cool for years.

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