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Choosing the Right Roof for Your Michigan Home

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Michigan Home

Do you need a new roof for your Michigan home? Are you unsure about style and material you should choose? Installing a new roof is always an important, but tough decision, so it’s better to be as informed as possible because making a final choice. Since there are numerous options for Michigan home owners when it comes to roofing materials, let me guide you through the most popular solutions, their differences, pros and cons. I’ve asked some of the best roofing contractors Michigan can offer to help you make an informed decision. 


In essence, all the roofing materials that can be found around the globe are installed to do the same thing; they protect our homes and buildings from various weather elements. Their purpose is to keep rain/water, ice and snow out of our homes and that’s why this layer of protection is added over our properties. But even though they do have the same function, roofing materials very differ among themselves. Asphalt shingles are probably the most popular roofing solutions across the United States and Michigan is no exception. Nevertheless, asphalt shingles can differ in terms of build, colors, designs and patterns.

If you’re looking for an economical roofing material for your Michigan home, you should consider the three tab shingle. It consists of the layer of fiberglass with layers of asphalt under and above it; at the top, the granules are added. One of the most positive aspects of the three tab shingle is the fact that it comes in so many designs and colors that you can definitely find the one that would match your home design. On the other hand, all three tab shingles look the same when it comes to their shape; they look as if 3 shingles are there (hence the name), because they look like a rectangular shingle with 2 slits. This roofing option doesn’t offer much depth and that’s why it’s the choice for lower cost houses and properties. Also, three tab shingles usually have only a warranty of 20 years or even less.

If three tab shingles don’t meet your own requirements and needs, perhaps you should take architectural shingles into account. Architectural shingles are a type of asphalt shingles constructed using several layers of fiberglass and layers and there are no slits in those uncovered shingles. These asphalt shingles are heavier and consist of more materials. Shingles feature shading and it gives them more depth appearance, therefore they look a lot like wooden shakes. When it comes to colors and styles, there are many to choose from when using architectural shingles. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the shingles, the architectural shingles have a 20 to 50 year warranty.

Impact resistant shingles can also be great roofing option for your Michigan property. In terms of look and performance, these shingles are similar to architectural shingles. Still, there’s one huge benefit associated with impact resistance shingle; they’re less susceptible to damage from impacts and debris. These asphalt shingles are designed to withstand the ice and hail and to protect your home during storms. The warranty for this roofing solution can last 50 years and even more.


Another popular roofing material for Michigan owners is certainly metal. It’s highly durable, it can stand up against almost any weather element and usually lasts up to 70 years. In addition, it’s highly energy efficient. Being lightweight, it enables you to install it over old roofs (no matter if they are made of metal or asphalt) without damaging the structure of your home. Nevertheless, there are some downsides of metal roofs. Firstly, it’s a costly roofing option and secondly, the style options aren’t endless (compared to the asphalt shingles).


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