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Drywall Maintenance Tips You Should Learn

Drywall Maintenance Tips You Should Learn

drywall contractors VancouverOver time, it’s natural for your drywall to get less than tidy due to nail pops, slight cracks or seams. These result from the normal deflection of rafters and shrinkage of the wood to which the drywall is attached. But it needs just a little maintenance to keep your drywall neat and tidy, and your home too.


After you get your drywall installed from an expert like drywall contractors Vancouver, you can get it repaired from them when it’s damaged. But you on your own too should know how to repair them so as to fix them easily.

Hairline cracks can be repaired with a coat of paint and larger ones with caulk or spackle.

Carefully observe the walls in your house. Although the drywalls are easily damaged, the good news is that they can be easily fixed too.

Remember that a house keeps contracting and expanding depending on the weather. This can make the framing to shrink or swell, which can form cracks in the drywall. However, repairing these cracks can be easy, depending on their location.

If you find a crack on a flat surface, you can use joint compound or spackle, which you can get pre-mixed at your local hardware stores. You can use the spackle and joint compound for cracks along an outside corner or wall edge. Its quality is it holds and dries even at odd angles. When you find cracks at the point where ceiling and walls meet, caulk should be used. Caulk being flexible can tolerate a little bit of settlement.

After you repair the crack, sand, prime and paint the wall. And then you just have to wait for the next seasonal change and next round of cracks in the drywall.

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Nail Holes

Nails are used to hold two pieces of material together. But if their head is pounded below the top surface, they can lose holding ability and the hole left by them behind can cause further damage.

Sometimes the nails may set too deeply inside the pressboard siding of the house, letting water in the nail holes and rot the material. If neglected, this can cause a lot of damage. However, fortunately, the problem can be easily fixed.

First you just have to remove all the rot and clean the nail holes. Then fill the holes with putty and sand it down evenly with the surface. Then the repair should be coated with paint and primer.

In the same way, you can also fill indentations resulted from sharp objects.

Learn these tips and you can be a proud owner of a neat and tidy home.

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