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Excellent Tips to Follow while Getting Your Home Painted

Excellent Tips to Follow while Getting Your Home Painted

professional painting services in DubaiYou are excited to get new paint for your home. It’s natural because new paint makes a house look fresh, bright and energetic. But are you wondering about which paints to choose? Here are some tips that may help you decide that.

Which Paint to Choose?

There is a variety of sheens in paints. So also, paints come in either latex or oil. Of these, the most preferred choice is latex because it’s easy to clean and has excellent durability. It also happens to be more fade-proof and breathes better than oil, due to which there is less blistering of the paint.

Using latex paint for most of your household uses and walls is recommendable. However, oil-based paint is excellent for decorating real wood trim and moldings since it typically seals stains and knots in the wood better than a latex paint. However, it takes longer to dry than a latex paint; so, you should schedule more time for drying.

Advice of someone like professional painting services in Dubai can be of great help for choosing the paint.

Which Sheen to Choose?

The smoother the paint, the simpler is it to clean up. If there are small children in your home and the room you are planning to paint has high traffic, e.g. a playroom, or gets grease on walls, e.g. a kitchen, choose a glossier sheen so that you can easily wipe the wall with a damp cloth or sponge. However, this may make imperfections and blemishes in your wall more obvious and could give off an unsightly shine in rooms like living rooms.

High gloss is also excellent for trim and offers a nice finished look to the trim, complementing the flatter sheen on the walls.

In case of walls with a lot of imperfections, choose a flat or matt paint. With a flat, you can typically get away with just one coat. The shortcoming of this paint is that it doesn’t brighten up well to a good cleaning and tends to highlight dirt more. Hence it’s advisable to choose it for rooms that won’t get a lot of dirt or fingerprints.

Perhaps the most popular sheen is eggshell, because it hides blemishes like a flat but can be easily washed, hence smoother and more durable to touch. It’s recommendable for most rooms as it typically has the best of both worlds – flat as well as glossy.

Follow these tips and you’ll probably feel clearer about which colors you should choose for your home. Happy painting!

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