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Fantastic Tips for the Maintenance of HVAC System

Fantastic Tips for the Maintenance of HVAC System

Carrollton Heating RepairThe heating and cooling system in your home uses as much as 2/3rd of your home’s energy. Therefore, it’s essential to make smart choices so as to enhance the efficiency and performance of the units. It may bring a difference from an exorbitant energy bill to the one you can manage. It also improves the air quality for you and your family. Here are a few HVAC care tips to make your home environment comfortable and safe.

Why Maintenance is Important

Small things, like changing filters, can make a difference in the performance of AC and heating.

Regularly changing filters: Check air filter every month to ensure proper frequency of cleaning or replacement. Air filter should be replaced at least every three months. This simple task can stop your dirty air filter from making your system work harder, increasing cooling and heating costs and resulting in excess wear and tear.

Pay attention to outdoor unit too: Your outdoor metal box has a purpose. You should ensure it’s clean by clearing weeds, leaves, plants and other debris building around it. Clear the debris gathered on the fins with a soft broom and wash off the condensing unit with a hose regularly. Blocked airflow lessens the efficiency of your heating system and AC.

Keep supply and return vents clean: Ensure that these vents are clear of clutter like pet hair, carpets, furniture etc.

Follow a regular home maintenance schedule: Write maintenance tasks on a calendar so as to remember them and follow them.

Cutting Costs

It takes more than following basic cooling and heating tips. Energy saving can be done even with small things, e.g. by keeping shades down on hot sunny days to lessen the heat from the sun.

A few other things you can do to cut costs are:

Reverse the fan’s direction every season: During the winter, your fan’s direction should be clockwise, while in summer it should be anti-clockwise. You can change the direction with a switch at the fan’s base.

Keep an eye on thermostat reading: Only five degrees either way makes a significant difference in energy usage.

What Else You Should Consider

There are many things you can do in common home situations, e.g.:

  • If you have pets, vacuum more often to enhance air intake, especially in the summer, the season in which pets tend to shed more.
  • If you have one or more pets, use a denser filter.
  • Often filter replacements are neglected just because homeowners forget to buy them. Create some sort of a monthly reminder.

Change of Season

HVAC systems are typically two appliances in one: heater and air conditioner. Therefore, it’s sensible to schedule different maintenance tasks on different times of the year:

In summer months, you should call in a service professional like a Carrollton heating repair expert to strip down the AC condenser and examine the coolant level.

When winter is about to arrive, you should essentially do furnace evaluation to ensure it’s efficient and safe.

If you follow these tips you can enjoy your HVAC system for years efficiently and economically.

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