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Foundation Issues – Signs and Repair Methods

Foundation Issues – Signs and Repair Methods

foundation repairFoundation issues are rather serious because they can lead to huge structural damage in your house. No matter if you’re a buyer or an owner, foundation problems are always frightening and, for a reason, you are probably really interested in fixing them. Fortunately, foundation repair is possible without tearing it out and starting from scratch. Let’s take a look at possible concrete foundation  signs and repair methods!

Past techniques for concrete foundation repair were various; some were futile, while others involved too much disruption to business routine or normal living. Luckily, technology has evolved and experts are well trained to help you fix your foundation problems. Slabjacking and hydraulic jacking (or piering) are the most common methods of foundation repair nowadays.

Slabjacking involves producing a lifting force that would restore the member to the original elevation. Here, experts pump grout beneath a beam or slab. Piering involves hydraulic jacks that are being used to stabilize or raise slabs that are affected by changes in the soil underneath, while the experts drive steel posts through unstable soil. Slabjacking is usually used for correcting smaller slabs, for instance swimming pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, residential slabs etc. Piering or hydraulic jacking, on the other hand, fixes larger problems.

Before you decide on a foundation repair method, it’s crucial to determine what caused the distress. Think about recent weather condition, because unusually wet or dry weather can be a possible cause of issues in an underlying soil. Also, examining moldings, trim boards, windows in low areas, as well as mortar joints is highly recommended.

Keep in mind that every foundation settles with time. Problems, however, arise when the situation is extreme or the settlement becomes uneven. Signs of foundation issues are numerous, but the most common ones are cracked or uneven floors, cracked walls, windows and/or doors that cannot be closed properly, separation around garage, doors or windows, cracked or displaced moldings, gaps between floor or ceiling and walls and, finally, cracked foundation.

If you realize you have a foundation issue, make sure you act timely and properly. Let the professionals do this important and tricky task for you.

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