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Important Pointers to Consider while Buying an Airless Paint Sprayer

Important Pointers to Consider while Buying an Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X5If you are looking for something with which you can paint your home, fence or anything else fast and without hassle, you should get an airless paint sprayer. This amazing tool can do your painting job 10 times faster than rolling and brushing.

An airless paint sprayer, like Graco Magnum X5, is a useful tool for both, handymen as well as professionals, because for both of them, the painting job becomes much faster, easier and neater than before and professionals can complete more jobs in less time and earn money and good reputation because of neatly finished work.

Here are a few important pointers to consider while buying a perfect airless paint sprayer.

How does an Airless Paint Sprayer Work?

This tool works on high pressure from its hydraulic pump. The paint is sprayed out with pressure through a small vent. Droplets of paint are pumped out and sprayed evenly across the object. An airless paint sprayer can be powered by electricity or gas. Some can be converted from electric to gas and some can even be pneumatic. It works quickly because of the high pressure inside it. As much as two gallons of paint can be applied to a surface through this tool per minute. And it even doesn’t require you to thin the paint!

Paint Sprayer

How to Choose the Right Sprayer?

Here are some pointers to consider for choosing the right sprayer for you.


If you want your airless sprayer to work at a super-fast speed, choose one with a higher horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the more the paint will be sprayed out faster. However, the power should also not be too high for you to physically handle easily.

Project Size

If your project is bigger, you’ll need higher horsepower and pressure, whereas if it’s a smaller project, a handheld unit is fine.

Length of Hose

For a large-sized job like painting a fence, a sprayer with a longer hose is practical. If the surface you want to paint is still longer, you may perhaps need a hose or extension that is minimum 25 feet long like that of Graco Magnum X5.


The tip of the paint sprayer is also an important thing to consider. You will need a bigger tip if you want ticker coatings, while light or medium coatings will need a small tip. Also for painting a block filler or primer, use a larger tip. You can get tip extensions too which are useful for painting hard-to-reach spots and also foyers and ceilings.


Filters give your paint job a smooth finish by removing paint debris. They also prevent clogging of tips which can cause paint to splatter which hampers a neat finish.

Protectants and Conditioners

These are useful to protect your sprayer from rust, freezing and other damages. They can be available in your local hardware store.

Paint Sprayer

Comparison of Paint Sprayers

In paint sprayers, airless is not the only option. There are the following three options:


  • Shoots out paint at a high pressure
  • Very even coat
  • Good for outdoor jobs like decks, fences etc.
  • Covers large areas
  • Can handle thicker paints
  • Nosier than HVLP sprayers therefore good for outdoor jobs
  • Harder to control spray pattern

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure):

  • Paint is released slowly
  • A little paint is wasted
  • Costlier than other sprayers
  • Good for indoor jobs like cabinets and doors
  • Usually not good for thicker paint jobs like lacquers


  • Uses compressed air for application of paint
  • Good for furniture
  • But is messy and overspray
  • Uses more paint than airless and HVLP

Learning about these facts, you can now definitely get an idea which paint sprayer is right for your project. So, choose the most suitable one for you and finish the job that you’ll be proud of!

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