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Mighty Watts – Small Wind Turbine that Produces Big Energy for Free

Mighty Watts – Small Wind Turbine that Produces Big Energy for Free

Mighty WattsWhen Are You Moving To Mars?

If things carry on like they are, for the human race to survive, we are going to have to abandon planet Earth. Unless… unless…

Introducing Mighty Watts

Mighty by name. Minimal by nature. Mindblowing by design. Mighty Watts is ready to revolutionise renewable energy. Maybe save the world. This is the real deal.
Believe climate change is real? Don’t believe it is real? It doesn’t really matter – It will give you free clean energy – – You win either way.

It’s A Wind Turbine. But Not As You Know It.

Wind turbines are playing a big role in creating cleaner, greener energy. Really big. And that’s the problem. Their size. Who’s got room in their back or front yard for a huge spinning propeller? In fact, with Mighty Watts, you do not see any blade movement.

Mighty Watts is a small wind turbine that punches well above its weight. It’s a fraction of the size of current wind turbines, yet can create enough energy to power homes, cars, entire businesses.

It’s a highly efficient energy generator with the power to transform the renewable energy sector.

Watt The World Needs Right Now…

With global warming a reality, we’re reaching a critical turning point in the story of our planet. And the Mighty Watts Wind Generator will give everyone the opportunity to access free, clean energy that gives us an alternative to the traditional and damaging fossil fuel burning energy sources that are cutting short the lifespan of our planet.

What Does Mighty Watts Do?

• Makes wind turbine energy accessible to all.
• Generates enough energy to heat/cool a home, drive a car, run a business.
• Takes up a fraction of the space of current wind turbines.

Mighty Watts wind turbine

What They’re Saying About The Concept…

This highly efficient wind generator can be described as a technology that will transform the renewable energy sector once and for all. Mighty Watts has a totally unique design and improved features when compared to current wind turbines.

LAWRENCE WRITTIN. Reg Mechanical Engineer & Member of Engineers Board

Why Mighty Watts Needs To Happen

Everyone who cares about the future of the planet and the kind of planet we want our kids to inherit has a vested interested in seeing the Mighty Watts concept come to fruition. We need ways to stop pumping harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and we need them now.

Mighty Watts is ready to enter prototype stage, and that’s where you come in.

stop pumping harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

You Can Help Mighty Watts Happen

Hi, I’m Roger G Phillips, creator of the revolutionary Mighty Watts wind generator. I’m on a mission to provide a free and clean renewable energy source for EVERYONE. My goal is to not just reduce but TOTALLY ELIMINATE the environmental and financial cost of heating/cooling homes, powering vehicles and running businesses.

I’m looking to create a next stage prototype of Mighty Watts, bringing free energy generation for all a step closer.

Why Mighty Watts Is Worth Your Backing

Conventional wind generators are huge. Way too cumbersome for anyone to have in their back yard. They need to be big because their design requires them to sweep a large area in order to extract the most energy from the wind. The only way these wind turbines can generate better results is by building them bigger.

But aren’t advancements in technology meant to make things smaller?

Yes, and that’s exactly what Mighty Watts is. A more technologically advanced wind turbine that works differently to the current crop, yet still has the power to generate impressive amounts of energy.

Meet The Team Ready To Build Mighty Watts

Roger Phillips, inventor of the Mighty Watts wind turbineHi, I am Roger Phillips, inventor of the Mighty Watts wind turbine. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, 75 years old, and now a full time RV’er. I ran 2 businesses before retiring – Kapow Photo Gifts and The Comfort Zone Inn, both in Minnesota. It started about 10 years ago, sitting on the back patio, wondering how to reduce my $1700.00 power bill for my commercial building. This was shortly after the economy collapsed in 2008. It did not all come to me at once, slowly in one piece after another. Now it is all together and I CANNOT BELIEVE I INVENTED THIS, especially at a time when the world is screaming for a solution to global warming.

To finish the project the final engineering has to be done, along with a CFD (computer fluid dynamics) analysis. When optimized by CFD, the production ready files need to be done to build the life size prototype for real life testing. To say “I AM STOKED” is an understatement.

Project Timeline

2009 – 2012 – Developing the basic design of the wind turbine

2012 – 2017 – Working with engineers to produce the 1st stage

2017 – 2019 – Developing the KICKER and the SECRET SAUCE (2nd & 3rd stages)

This needs to be fast tracked. I believe we can finish the engineering in 3 to 6 months with a team of 3 to 4 engineers, each with the different skills needed. Once done the production ready files could be done in 6 weeks, and another 6 weeks to build the first one to test.

How Mighty Watts Works

This is where things get a little technical, but not too much. And hey, you’ve read this far, so I hope you’re at least a little bit interested in the tech I’m using to build my wind generator. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

• Increases wind speed
• Leverages at the outer parameters of the turbine
• Uses a Venturi behind the blades
• Narrows the wind access area to increase velocity
• Eliminates the rear low pressure pocket

How Mighty Watts Works

The Benefits Mighty Watts Brings

• Creates a 350% increase in velocity
• Generates 28 x more energy
• All within a smaller area. So you can have an energy generator outside your home. Facing in any direction. Harnessing the power of wind from any direction.

Ready to back this? I’d really appreciate every donation that gets me toward the target I need to develop and test a prototype.

If you’re eager to deep dive into some of the technical details about the project, stay with this page as that’s where I’m headed next…

Benefits Mighty Watts Brings

Mighty Watts Increases Wind Speed?

Yes, it happens by forcing the wind through a smaller area. Just like when a wide river hits a narrow area and forms rapids. It’s the same with wind. And scientists know that velocity works to the power of 3, so doubling the speed creates 2 x 2 x 2 of energy. 8 TIMES AS MUCH.

Not to keep knocking current wind turbines, which are doing a great job, but they are reliant on compressing westerly winds blowing through mountains and valleys. But here’s the thing – Mighty Watts can increase the velocity of wind coming from ANY DIRECTION.

Mighty Watts Increases Wind Speed

Leverage Outer Parameters?

Mighty Watts forces the wind to pass through a smaller turbine blade access area on the outer edges. This is achieved with a cone in the middle of the front surface area, guiding the wind away from the center , to where it gets the maximum leverage to the axis point.


The Venturi takes the outside wind travelling at its normal speed, forcing it through a smaller area where it speeds the wind up behind the blades, eliminating the resistance to the incoming wind.

No Resistance & Narrower Access Area?

With no resistance to the incoming wind, the access area can be further narrowed, increasing the velocity even more. The turbine removes the energy from the increased wind speed, returning it to the same speed that the Venturi is increasing the wind to behind the blades. Called “flow continuation”.

Low Pressure Pocket?

Compressed wind from the Venturi and wind behind the turbine blades decompresses in the Venturi’s reverse cone, filling the low pressure pocket, returning the wind to the same speed at which it entered the unit. So there’s no low pressure. No turbulence. And yes, “flow continuation”.

Watts Not To Like About An Invention Designed To Save The World?

That’s what this boils down to. The vision is to see a Mighty Watts outside every home, generating free energy to heat and power people’s lives and drive their cars for free. And no need to rebuild the grid. But I can’t get there without your help… . Let’s get this done and get on to the other problems we have. CLICK HERE TO DONATE and be a champion for the world. I thank you and the world thanks you.

Can’t Spare The Cash To Back This Right Now?

No problem, thank you for your interest. I sure could use your help spreading the word about my campaign across social media, so please alert anyone who’s interested in helping me save the world! #MightyWatts

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