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Roofing Repair or Replacement – Roofing Materials and Things to Know

Roofing Repair or Replacement – Roofing Materials and Things to Know

roof repair 1One of the most important components of your house or a business building is certainly the roof. For that reason company- and homeowners gaze upon their roofs to look for signs of damage. But, once you spot potential issues, should you patch them up or replace the whole roof? There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches and the decision isn’t easy to make. We’ve talked with some of the best experts for roof repair Indianapolis can offer to learn more about roofing materials and to get tips on deciding whether a roof needs repair or replacement. Here’s what we’ve found out!

Roofing Materials – Characteristics

For roofs for residential properties, the most common materials are wood, metal, tiles, slate and asphalt. Each of these options can eventually be replaced or repaired if and when necessary; their life expectancy and characteristics, however, play a significant role when choosing the best roofing material for you.

Wood – Although the aesthetic appearance of wood roofing is unparalleled, its price is really high. Also, wood needs more maintenance than other, less expensive roofing materials. For all these reasons, wood roofing has been losing its popularity.

Metal – In past, metal roofing was avoided because of the noise during rain showers, rusting and poor insulation. Nowadays, however, metal roofing is rather durable and affordable, therefore, it’s gaining popularity.

roof tileTiles – In certain countries and areas, tile roofing is incredibly popular, for a reason. Although it’s probably the most expensive roofing material, its durability and appearance make tiles a good roofing choice. Actually, it’s a wise investment that makes a house more attractive and valuable.

Slate – Nothing can match the durability of slate roofing, that’s a fact. Nevertheless, not everyone likes its appearance, not to mention that it’s really expensive.

Asphalt Shingles – Probably the most popular roofing in US, asphalt shingles are cheap and easy to install. Nonetheless, this roofing material option is probably the least durable on the market.

 Roofing Materials – Replace or Repair

It depends greatly upon the roofing material whether you should repair or replace it. For instance, tile and slate roofing should be repaired, even when the repair is extensive. On the other hand, wood roofing usually calls for replacement, if it’s damaged enough. But, let’s take a closer look to each roofing material option.

Wood roofing, as mentioned before, is characterized by high maintenance requirement and low durability. Nevertheless, many homeowners feel that having a beautiful wood roofing is worth it. Although we can argue whether it’s gone out of style or not, if your old wood roofing has become ruined, you should take a look at the performance, cost and aesthetic appearance of other roofing materials before choosing wood again. Anyhow, wood roofing shouldn’t be repaired, but replaced, with wood or other roofing material options.

roof metalModern metal roofing has incredibly long lifetime and the repair is rarely required. In case your metal roof becomes old and damaged enough to require repair, you should probably consider replacement. On the flip side, if your modern metal roofing is damaged by impact, chances are the small repair can fix the damage properly.

Asphalt shingles are tricky when it comes to making the decision about their repair or replacement. Even though you can patch up asphalt over and over again, still it ages much more quickly than other materials. On the positive side, asphalt is so affordable that it’s possible to replace roofing several times and it won’t cost as much as only one installation of other materials.

Tile and slate roofing commonly last very long, since they are very durable and, as already pointed out, they rarely call for replacement. But, they are quite brittle, therefore you have to expect many smaller repair over their long lifetimes.

Non-Age Related Reasons to Replace Your Roof

In most cases, people replace their roofs because of wear and tear related to the aging of a roof. There are, however, non-age related reasons for roof replacement. Some of them include premature aging of a roofing, serious storm damage, exterior remodeling and increasing the property value.

roof damaged 1If you maintain your roof properly, it will remain “healthy” for a long period of time. For instance, asphalt shingles can last up to 25 years. Nonetheless, storm damage, expansion of moss and molds, as well as ice dams, can make the lifespan of the roof significantly shorter. To prevent more expensive repairs or even complete replacement of your roof, it’s crucial to have it well inspected after a major storm.

For some homeowners, replacement of an existing roof that’s in good condition is a sort of an investment. The resale value of the house increases when the roof is replaced and/or upgraded. A brand new roof makes the entire property updated, more modern and better-looking. For prospective buyers, a new roof installation means they won’t have to deal with roof repair or replacement, which is obviously a huge plus. But, even if you don’t want to buy your house, there’s a chance you’d like to make some major changes to your living space. Exterior remodeling can involve a change of a roof or even a completely new installation.

Things to Know Before Roof Repair or Replacement

Once you’ve decided to either replace or repair your roofing, it’s crucial to do it properly. The vast majority of homeowners hire reputable, reliable and professional roofers for this job. Still, there are some people who feel confident enough to do it themselves. Let’s talk about both options!

DIY or Not?

roof replacement 1Professionals spend so much time working on various roofs and they learn how to walk around skillfully and comfortably. But even if you’re personally comfortable with heights, experience on a roof is irreplaceable. Anytime you’re on a roof, you put yourself in danger. If you don’t mind that, there’s one more thing to keep in mind. When repairing a roof, the chore appears to be simple. However, in order to do it right, you have to know what you’re dealing with. Anything less than perfect means living with imperfect roof for some time and/or spending additional money for re-roofing.

In case you desperately need a new roof, but you simply can’t afford it, it’s recommended to talk to professionals. Even if you cannot do everything by yourself, there’s a chance you can lower your bill by doing some of the work yourself. Perhaps you could tear out your old roofing before your contractor comes; that’s just muscle and sweat. Nevertheless, installing a new roof on your own if you aren’t experienced is probably a bad idea.

Tips on Hiring a Perfect Roofing Professional

roof asphaltFor the overall “health” of your house, it’s crucial to maintain your roof. No matter if you need to replace entire roof or a quick fix, it’s crucial to hire someone who’s professional, trustworthy and reliable. Here are some tips on finding and working with a roofing pro.

Before hiring a roofing professional:

  • Shop around. You do it for other services, why should roofing be an exception? Make sure you interview at least two roofers before you hire one.
  • Avoiding wet seasons is recommended. Snowy and rainy seasons aren’t great for scheduling a roofing project. A pro will surely help you find the best time to star with the job.
  • Make sure you choose a roofing material that will meet your preferences and requirements. Also, opt for top-notch products for the best and long-lasting results.
  • Check out references. Ask your professional to speak with their past clients.
  • A skilled pro is a way to go. A skilled roofer will likely do the job timely and flawlessly. If you hire an inexperienced professional, there’s a chance you’ll deal with extended deadline and extra costs.

When you hire a roofing professional:

  • Pick a deadline. Since roof repair and replacement usually impact your family’s day-to-day life, it’s important to agree on a completion date before even starting with the project.
  • Don’t wait too long to start with a project, because roofing issues can increase over time and make the costs go up.
  • Warranty and guarantee. Asking your roofer to secure material warranties, in case of an emergency, and to get a work guarantee, if possible, is highly recommended.

Bottom Line

roof slateSometimes it’s crystal clear your roofing requires repair or replacement. Sometimes it’s hard to see the signs of the damage, like after the storm when it takes weeks to see the problems. And, finally, you need a roof replacement just to remodel or update your property. Whatever the reason, having your roofing repaired or replaced usually requires your patience, time and money. Take your time to make the best decision regarding your roofing.

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